In this third chapter, we complete our proposal to watch television series, films and documentaries, less discussed but just as deserving, which could well fill these more dilated times that we are going through. We are talking about Amazon Prime and also Apple, even if their offer is still limited.


On Amazon we rediscovered an old French series, Le Bureau, sober and without gender stereotypes, a faithful reconstruction of the environment of the DGSE, the French CIA, with the story of Agent Dabailly (an excellent Mathieu Kassowitz) , infiltrated for too years in the regions of the Middle East, in a balance which is no longer stable between fact and fiction. Very popular, 4 seasons since 2015. Certainly no adrenaline rush. Modern Love is also original, a sentimental series that talks about the truth (please) about love these days, never melancholy, fun but also melancholy, with a very varied cast that changes with each episode.

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Worthy of recovery is Mozart in the Jungle, a series directed and written by Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman, a creative upper middle class in New York City, and well known, for the enchanting setting in the world of theaters and symphonic music, for the many celebrity cameos, for the exquisite music that is played and mentioned. Gael Garcia Bernal’s characterization is funny even with grotesque points. Careers and ambitions are staged, loves and careers, always careers and work, in short, career first, for a group of very original protagonists.


Who has not seen it yet, must try to watch Fleabag, which he will like or reject, depending on the gender and type of humor of the viewer (with a surprising second season). “Fleabag” (flea bag, generally degrading term) is the protagonist, a young Londoner in search of her way. Between the failure of his guinea pig-themed bar, the death in an accident of his only best friend, and the very difficult relationship with his family, which to define as dysfunctional is a compliment, his love life is marked by l self-harm. Bitter and witty, politically and honestly incorrect, the show also has merit in revealing its angular face and character, protagonist and author, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. He then wrote Killing Eve and No Time to Die.

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Too little has been said about I Love Dick, a sublime mockery of the intellectual chic of NY in the life of which Dick, a Kevin Bacon of great splendor, who shakes the relationship between Chris, a multimedia artist in crisis, and his husband Sylvère (dusty theorist of the Holocaust). Dick is the craziest object, successful artist, and college professor in an arrogant, hostile Texan country. Intoxicating even if you didn’t want to capture all the cultural references to the original environment of Chris Kraus, author of the ’97 novel from which the screenplay is taken, also written by Soloway, screenwriter of Six Feet Under and Transparent. The canceled non-public critical appraisal is not visible here. Pay attention to actress Kathryn Hahn, if you haven’t noticed her yet. It was also in the excellent Happyish (on Nowtv),


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Lodge 49 is recommended for those nostalgic for Lebowski: ex-surfer Dud never accepted the death of his beloved father and never got up from the sofa, on which he drains an endless beer, while the sister works for two. As you enter the mysterious Lodge 49, you will find the meaning of life. Why look for unicorns when you have rhinos? Difficult to catalog the history of pathetic failures, the wrecks that life has thrown on the beach like the remains of a shipwreck, are difficult to catalog but pleasant. The good Wyatt Russell is the son of Kurt and Goldie Hawn, a big cast of Outlines.

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Future Man is a brilliant, super-light series, full of funny quotes, childish stupidity, reworking 80s imagery, characters, and aesthetics. A frustrated attendant at a herpes clinic, with the somewhat dazed face of video game enthusiast Josh Hutcherson, sees the protagonists of Biotic Wars materialize in his life, two tough and rough warriors, who force them to each other join them to save the world. “Ignorant” but fun product, written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.


We remember Grantchester, from the novels of James Runcle, for those who miss the peaceful English countryside, traversed by murderous sensations, with literal reminiscences. Grantchester is the name of the peaceful village where the handsome priest in professional crisis ends, played by James Norton, a rising actor, who you can also find in the good thriller McMafia, a story of conspiracies and murders between glacier of the London’s high finance and the ferocious Russian mafia.

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On Amazon we also find a gem, the unobtainable The Hunger, an anthology of horror stories from the year 1997, with destructive obsessions, murderous passions, kinky sex, modern vampires and cannibals, inspired of the homonymous film directed by Tony Scott, in The Italian translated with Miriam wakes up at midnight (the famous one with Deneuve, Sarandon and Bowie). Tony is producing here with his brother Ridley. Well known actors of the cast, such as Daniel Craig, Jason Scott Lee, Gianni Ribisi, Jennifer Beal, Brad Dourif. The narrative voices are from Terence Stamp for the first season and for the second David Bowie.


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Must-see The Looming Tower, to suffer witnessing the rivalry between the CIA and the FBI, which no doubt facilitated 9/11, as we then made numerous aired allusions to the film and documentaries about this tragic event and the period that followed. A rigorous and dramatic reconstruction of the chain of errors, the consequences of which have strongly influenced the story, is carried out by documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, without neglecting the deepening of the characters. Super Jeff Daniels.


His right-hand man, agent Ali Soufan, who here has Tahar Rahim’s most famous face, also appears in the film The Report, also on Amazon (although entrusted to a lesser-known actor), a film we also recommend. to those who want something. to deepen our recent history. And this can also be done thanks to documentaries which are also numerous on Amazon, on demanding or more frivolous subjects, on financial, political and current affairs scandals (the documentary on methanol), but also dedicated to famous singers and groups. , including another docu that once again tells about Notorious BIG and Tupac (Murder Rap) or famous people (like Lauda).


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Among the films, we report a cover: The Beautiful Black Case 1981 in New York, in which Oscar Isaacs is the magnificent protagonist of Jessica Chastain. The story of the small Cuban entrepreneur Morales, who will be the terracotta pot between the law and the gangsters, is told on social rise. Great cinema of the 70s, shot in a cold and muddy New York, in a winter that covers everything in white snow, just before it turns to dirty slush. And always, as with Tony Manero, the horizon of the magic apple of which everyone wants a part stands out very far.


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Edison, a thrilling and informative film overlooked in theaters, also deserves a repetition: in the late 1800s in the United States, brilliant men put their brilliant minds to the service of a challenge that was becoming increasingly plus the shingle of success. People like Thomas Alva Edison, George Westinghouse, Nikola Tesla. The film chronicles their relationship, the crossroads of their lives, as with technically different systems and unbalanced economic support, they had the same goal, to bring electricity to every home in the United States. Mass broadcast, the film was blocked by various vicissitudes after the explosion of the Weinstein scandal, which had imposed a definitive emergency cut, under the pressure of the imminence of his trial. Thereafter


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The original The Voices is a gruesome story of madness starring an excellent Ryan Reynolds, a poor man marked by a devastating childhood, who lives with a cat and a dog talking to him, unsettling and eager to hurt the first, relaxed and positive the second. The protagonist seems to be a harmless, tender and pathetic doll, wooing the one who does not spin her, accumulates various frustrations and insults, until the moment of breakage. First film by Marjane Satrapi in English, a very dark comedy imbued with fierce humor. Never released in theaters is First Reformed with Ethan Hawke, an actor who chooses his films carefully, here directed by the great moralist Paul Schrader, tells of a reverend in great crisis, devastated by family mourning, grappling with a ruthless, poisoned world, incomprehensible,

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Refined and frosted is Il filo filo, Phantom Thread (the original title alludes to the thread that the tailor hides inside the edges of certain clothes, like a secret mark), written and directed by Paul T. Anderson. An unusual sentimental thriller, with unexpected psychological shifts in mutual manipulation, lets you see on the big screen the ever-splendid Daniel Day Lewis, icy designer involved in a cold game between victim and executioner, in which everyone will have to figure out what role they want. to play. Maybe both.


The always nicely Nicolas Cage trash can in Cane Eats Dog, still directed by Paul Schrader, based on an Edward Bunker novel, moves between borderline subjects, mobs or unscrupulous manners, accustomed to exaggerated violence, often demotivated, irrational (ideal role) for Cage, who lets himself be diffused). You can also take a look at an old movie with a nice cast, Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin, Stand Up Guys, in Italian Men of speech, the swansong of three old men, the last good night (sickness of the professions loom, impending old age, impending run time). The three old heroes, without the romantic epic of Too’s tired samurai or the suicidal loyalty of the heroes of Peckinpah, will meet with their heads held high and an open plan to a fate already written but not in great detail. You can always take a different path to get to the end of the road anyway. But by flipping through the program, you can also find many Italian comedies, some valid, others more commercial, and several films by Verdone.

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Apple TV has started the last few months with some very interesting products and for all tastes the most demanding is The Morning Show, a very topical story not only about the now predictable sexual harassment but also about the balance of power in a large network. television, with very well written characters and great interpretations. For all mankind, a yew, which changes direction in its path, becoming more soap than urine. It was the summer of 1969. He was a Russian, however, the first man to set foot on the moon. These are the Cold War years, in NASA where Von Braun works, everyone, the techs, bureaucrats, politicians and pilots are devastated and must find a solution. Strangely serious without pathos, demanding, it requires a certain consistency even if in the end it reimburses the effort. We start from space and then focus on the characters’ intimate events. In short, he’s not Man in High Castle.


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Very interesting is Servant, which sees M. Night Shyamalan as executive producer and director of two episodes, in a constant balance between thriller and horror, very intriguing, even though he is played by unknown actors. Short episodes. Little America, an anthology series also with short episodes, tells eight different stories of immigrants seeking a better life, an inner balance in countries so far removed from the country, namely Nigeria, Mexico, China, Europe, the Middle East, some touching, a couple darker, others brighter. Calm, without proclamations. It must be said that so far Apple has produced medium level things, demanding because they are made but not overwhelming, we will see in the following lineup.

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Meanwhile, Disney + is also coming, so we can say that the advice to stay at home during this time can be followed without much suffering. That it is not precisely these back pain or other joint pain that can be induced by an excessively sedentary lifestyle. For the rest, rather than wasting a lot of time chatting with people we don’t often care about, we could actually improve our knowledge, we would dare to talk about our culture and the emergency could be resolved in a more positive time. . than one might think. We struggle to console ourselves.


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