Apple devices like iPad, iPhone and AirPods They have today saved the engagements of many users, being the preferred way to work from home, communicate or, as we saw recently, to record episodes of TV programs in quarantine. However, for a group of young students, these devices have become a headache.

Over the past few days, several students have subscribed to complaints fail college entrance exams because HEIC iPhone photo format is not supported, being forced to repeat the same thing over and over again.

Some students failed their exams because of the iPhone

According to information published by The Verge, Nick Bryner, a high school student in California, had chosen to take a photo of his handwritten response and upload it to the website of the College Board, the administrator of the college admissions test.

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Unfortunately for him and thousands of other students, once the timer hit zero, the students automatically failed and were told they could repeat the test in three weeks. A few days later, they discovered that the problem arises when loading an image that has been captured in HEIC.

The HEIC or “high image image format” according to its figures in English corresponds to the standard image format introduced by Apple with its 2017 update from iOS 10 to iOS 11. The downside is that HEIC photos are not widely supported with many sites that only support JPG, JPEG and PNG.

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Now, The College Board is now working with students to help them submit their answers without automatically failing. They opened up additional support for those who have trouble uploading their answers. They also note that less than one percent of students had this particular problem.

How to change iPhone HEIC format to more compatible format?

To avoid a similar situation, these IPhone or iPad users from 2017 can change the default photo format with the following steps:

  • Open the app Setting
  • Scroll down and press Camera
  • To choose Faucet sizes
  • Tap “More compatible”. The most compatible setting tells your iPhone to use a JPEG setting, rather than the default HEIC.
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Source: Techradar