Yesterday took place in Lisbon the presentation event, before the launch, of The Order 1886, where Ru Weerasuriya, the CEO of Ready At Dawn, and Andrea Pessino, co-founder of the studio, were present to be able to talk about the production of the game.

We had the opportunity to interview Ru Weerasuriya, who demonstrates a huge passion for the video game industry, as well as for production in what may be the before and after Ready at Dawn studio.

The interview focused mainly on the difficulty that the studio had in starting a project of this size. We must not forget that The Order 1886 is the first IP of the studio, having previously produced games under series already known, such as God of War and Spin Off Daxter for PSP. The studio’s games are quality, but jumping from a handheld like the PSP directly to the new generation of consoles was a huge task. “The biggest challenge was actually the size of the team, their formation. But that is what we are. As you say, we made the PSP shine with these games, and that is what we are doing on PS4. A new IP brings a lot of pressure, because people will wonder what this is, will they like it “, comments Ru Weerasuriya.

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As a new IP, the studio started a new journey, one that Ru Weerasuriya says they had in the first place to convince everyone in the studio about whether it would be possible, and only afterwards will they be able to convince the public. Incidentally, Ru commented that one of those aids came from Sony, in the way they supported the project. “We had the idea, the concept, the history and we knew where we wanted to go. We said ‘this is what we want to do’, and it is amazing to have a company that says, ‘ok let’s move on’. This brought a fear, and this fear was what helped us to work hard, to go to the details, because we cannot fail “.

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Ru Weerasuriya passionate about the video game industry.

“We had the idea, the concept, the story and we knew where we wanted to go. We said ‘this is what we want to do’, and it is amazing to have a company that says, ‘ok let’s move on’”

An unavoidable question, a week before the game’s release, is whether the success of The Order 1886 will dictate the future of the studio, or the game itself as a series. As we would expect, Ru Weerasuriya tried to get away from the issue a bit, especially with regard to sequels. But he added by stating and admitting that “Of course it could be a change, but in fact this game has already taught us a lot as a studio, how to do things. But yes, the success of this IP, of this game, will dictate whether we will explore further the We explore a lot of things with this game, a lot of history, and we can explore more than games, in other media, maybe. This is our first original IP, but in fact we have been working on two or three more that have been in the incubation phase, which gives us a little bit of space so we can know what to do in the long run. Maybe a new IP “.

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The Order 1886 is one of the most beautiful and well-achieved graphic games today, revealing a huge detail of the environments, the fidelity of the city of London and the use of advanced technology to bring us a credible story that holds the player. But this is one of the first games for PS4, the so-called first real batch, and about the future, which allows us to foresee more and more detailed and alive games. Ru Weerasuriya is of the same opinion, sharing that he is excited about the future, which will be launched in two years. He says that he is constantly looking at what other studios are doing, especially in terms of the diversity of aspects that video games provide, such as gameplay, history, soundtracks, and breaking certain rules.

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“Honestly what you are doing, taking the score from the analysis, is very important for the industry. It was about time.”

“It’s like The Order 1886, it’s the experience. It’s not just the gameplay, or the story, it’s the whole. You’re playing and you don’t feel any stops, you don’t see differences between the cut-scenes and you’re playing right away”, concludes Ru Weerasuriya.

Finally, we talked a little about the lack of punctuation in the analysis of video games, since the beginning of this month of February. Ru Weerasuriya is well aware of these changes at the editorial level, not only in terms of grades, but also in the way the product is analyzed, being more direct with the players, playing the same experience.

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On the particular case of Eurogamer, Ru Weerasuriya commented, “Honestly what you are doing, taking the score from the analysis, is very important for the industry. It was about time. Honestly I have said for a long time, that assigning a measure to a game is difficult. It’s like looking at the movie Avatar and saying ‘is it a 90/100? or 80/100?’, it is very difficult to make these calculations, and no film analyst did it. That’s why things you can change depending on what you’re doing. It’s like saying to a friend ‘buy this game is fun’, that’s what we all do, that’s what we recommend no matter what grade.

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The Order 1886 will be released on February 20 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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