Summary – Electronic Arts Conference.

He E3 2017 yesterday gave the starting gun with the conference of Electronic arts, one of the few third parties that has an exclusive space and time at the event.

Among all the novelties, several surprises stand out, such as A Way Back, a new IP where the focus of the gameplay resides in the cooperative mode; or Anthem, title that we will be able to know in the conference of Xbox. At the same time, FIFA 18 and NBA Live 18 improve the game mechanics and the design of the players seeking more and more realism.

Summary – Electronic Arts Conference

How could it be otherwise,the star of the conference was Star Wars Battlefront 2, which will include much more content than its predecessor, and Madden NFL 18 will add a new story mode under the name “Longshot”.

Madden NFL 18

Madden 18 presents improvements in terms of gameplay and graphics. His new campaign, similar to “El Camino” by FIFA 17, will allow us to create a player and live his sports career from its beginnings to the NFL. The decisions will be decisive in the development of the professional life of our character.

Summary – Electronic Arts Conference

Battlefield 1 – “In the Name of Tsar”

The successful shooter of HE SAYS It already has more than 20 million players, but those of Electronic arts they are not satisfied. Therefore, they intend to continue adding content that is attractive. «In the Name of the Tsar»Is the new DLC of Battlefield 1. This expansion marks its release date for September and will include 8 new maps, in addition to the possibility of playing with female soldiers thanks to the Russian Women’s Squad.


One more year, a new FIFA. This time, Cristiano Ronaldo it will dress the cover, which is intuited that it will raise the sales of the title, at least, in a 10%. FIFA 2018 it will feature smoother movements and a more realistic player design. In addition, it will include “Alex Hunter Returns”, the continuation of last year’s story mode.

Summary – Electronic Arts Conference

Need for Speed ​​PayBack

The new of Need for speed presents a new open world campaign, where blockbuster-style cinematics will have a lot of presence. In turn, iconic models will not be missed, and car customization will offer more options than ever.

A way out

One of the great surprises of the conference. From creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsIn this new IP, the cooperative prevails, to the point that it can only be played in this way. Its creators emphasize that the best way to enjoy the title is with the split screen option and the local cooperative.

Summary – Electronic Arts Conference

It is a prison break, where we must escape from prison through the teamwork of two characters. The game is designed so that each character displays unique elements, so that each player’s experience is completely different and what happens in each scene is unique.

Anthem Game

The new IP from Bioware, from which we will have to wait for the conference of Xbox for the first details. You can see the teaser shown at EA’s conference below:

Star Wars Battlefront 2

The rumors have been confirmed and the new Star Wars will have a campaign. This will deal with an alternate original story set between The Jedi Return and The Force Awakens. Similarly, the roster of heroes will be considerably more numerous, and the content of the game will far exceed its predecessor.

Summary – Electronic Arts Conference

Finn and Phasma They will be playable characters and we will be able to recreate various eras of the franchise. In addition, it has been confirmed that all the content that comes to the title will be free and a new map has been shown on the new planet that we saw recently in the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The company has introduced multiplayer mode through gameplay. The scenario on which it is played is Assault on Theed, one of the new locations that premieres Star Wars Battlefront 2