Summary: Heroes of Castlevania join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

During Wednesday’s Direct broadcast, Nintendo confirmed rumors and showed that some members of the Belmont family will be present in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The first new fighter in the game will be Simon Belmont, who arrives accompanied by the whip Vampire Killer and several features present in the Castlevania series.

Summary: Heroes of Castlevania join Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

He arrives with Richter Belmont, protagonist of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, who will serve as a “mirror” of his abilities. The setting for the new characters will be Dracula’s Castle, which will be accompanied by several bosses in the series – including Death, who seems to take Luigi’s life during the ad trailer.

Summary: Heroes of Castlevania join Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

The stage will be the darkest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and will have the presence of Dracula in some moments, coming accompanied by no less than 34 songs from the soundtrack of the Castlevania series. The game will also receive Alucard as an Assist Trophy, being able to transform into bat and fog, replaying its powers of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

New Echo Fighters and scenarios

Nintendo also revealed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature Chrom, from the Fire Emblem series, as an echo fighter from Lucina. Players will also be able to find Dark Samus, from the Metroid Prime series, as a darker version of the protagonist. In practice, these fighters bring new visuals to gameplay systems already present in the title.

Summary: Heroes of Castlevania join Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

Summary: Heroes of Castlevania join Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

Director Masahiro Sakurai’s promise is that more news will be revealed in the coming months. Among them is the return of stages like Garden of Hope, Brinstar Depths and Summit, coming from previous chapters with updated graphics and some new mechanics that take advantage of the Switch hardware – which will be complemented by new locations like New Donk City Hall. Altogether, there will be less than 103 scenarios available for you to play (with the variations, it will be possible to choose from more than 300 levels).

One of the new features of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the “Stage Morph” option, which allows you to select two scenarios that will change as the games unfold. There will also be a return of the “My Music” feature, which allows you to configure the tracks that will be played in each stage – more than 900 tracks will be offered by the new game in the series, totaling more than 28 hours of continuous playback.

Summary: Heroes of Castlevania join Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will also offer new rule options, incorporating Stamina battles into the standard title selection. Now, the phase selection comes before the characters, allowing players to choose the fighters that best adapt to the characteristics of each scenario.

The game also features a new special bar that allows you to use a less powerful version of Final Smashes after taking some damage. Battle modes have also won the “Squad Strike” option, in which each player chooses five alternating fighters.

Summary: Heroes of Castlevania join Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

There is also the new Tourney Mode, which allows you to create tournaments for up to 32 players, which are automatically organized by the game. The new Smash Mode also appears as a way to encourage the exchange of characters: once one is selected, it cannot come back into play in the next game.

The title also brings a new training mode with an unprecedented scenario, as well as the return of Classic Mode, in which the player will encounter a predetermined selection of levels and enemies. According to Nintendo, each fighter will have his own set of enemies, guaranteeing a greater variety.

New Items and Assist Trophies

The company also took advantage of the transmission to reveal some of the new items and Assist Trophies present in the new version of the game. Among them are a new selection of Pokémon, including Abra, the Alola version of Exeggutor, Solgaleo, Lunala, Mimikyu, Pyukumuku, Vulpix, Marshadow and Ditto.

Summary: Heroes of Castlevania join Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

In the field of Assist Trophies we will have Zero, Knucles, Krystal (from Star Fox Adventures), Klaptrap, Kapp’n and Gray Fox (from Metal Gear), among several characters from series like Animal Crossing and Shovel Knight. One of the main additions is Rathalos, from Monster Hunter, who can appear as both an assistant and a boss.

Summary: Heroes of Castlevania join Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

In addition, Nintendo has unveiled the game’s main menu, which will bring a mysterious new mode whose details are expected to be revealed at a future time. According to director Sakurai, the entire production team is dedicating its efforts to finish the game and make it the best experience possible.

King K. Rool

The broadcast ended with the announcement that King K. Rool, an enemy of the Donkey Kong Country series, will join the cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The monkey’s eternal rival promises to use all his size and strength to bring chaos to the game’s games, which promises to be the definitive experience of Nintendo’s fighting series.

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