Even in a year as “rare” as 2020, summer is summer: Earth continues to navigate through space marking its elliptical orbit around the sun, temperatures are skyrocketing, and the country is rising in slow motion each morning. . So when the heat comes and technological world it is idling, want to look at technology, science and digital culture differently. And it is that the publisher of Xataka does not only live on mobiles.

In this chapter of ‘Clear the X’, we’ve rounded up the usual suspects to collect some ideas to do in the summer and it’s out. a list of books, series, movies, podcasts, video games, courses, and apps the sea of ​​pastures. Holidays are therefore more holidays.

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Recommendations are for summer

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We report a coral episode in which the affiliations and phobias of our publishers combine to give us a lot of ideas with which to make the summer of all its juice. For example, Maria Gonzalez (@kyravms), our director, recommends two books on Samsung and Blackberry, while Javier Pastor (@javipas) invites us to get closer to ‘Halt & Fire’, a classic that makes us relive the beginnings of personal computing.

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Enrique Perez (@lyzanor) is engaged in the classic role and invites us to take a game at Cyberpunk 2020 to hallucinate the strength of a game that allows us to explore its universe without limits of any kind. John Tones (@johntones), for his part, believes this is the best time to get closer to the Dune books now that details of an adaptation that will be released this Christmas are being finalized. Javier Lacort (@jlacort) invites us to two very different worlds: The Leftlovers, on the one hand, and Seinfeld, on the other.

Juan Carlos Lopez (@juanklore) suggests reading “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach,” by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig. It’s one of the best-selling AI books still today, and they’ve continued to update it. Javier Jiménez (@dronte) recommends the Aubrey-Maturin saga written by Patrick O’Brian which inspired Master & Commander the perfect blend of adventure, exploration, sea and literature. Anna Martí (@_martinelli) offers ‘Upload’, a series that deals with common (and almost ancient) concepts such as virtual interfaces or the digitization of a human being in the key of humor and without the slightest intention of be faithful to the possibilities of Science and technology. “The fruit of a night of madness and debauchery between ‘Devs’ and ‘The Good Place'”.

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Jose Garcia (@josedextro) offers us to play board games (Catán, Exploding Kittens, Masquerade or El Portero Baldomero), while Cristian Rus (@ cristianrus4) plans to spend the summer taking a series of online courses to deepen some topics and improve in others. In his specific case, two from Oxford on project management and digital marketing, but there’s a lot to choose from.

Lots to do and little time to do it all. We will have to get down to business.

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