Super Mario Bros 2.

Super Mario Bros 2 (USA)

As many may be aware, Super Mario Bros had two separate sequels in Japan and the US🇧🇷 While the Japanese market received a challenging and fun version, which was known as Lost Worlds in the remake for Snes, the North Americans had to settle for a very weird version, which referred to Arab cultures. THE excuse for the different versions was that the Japanese version was very difficult and very similar to Mario Bros., so would not please the American public; analysis of the American version.

Literally in the Dream World

Super Mario Bros 2

The game gives a brief introduction, where Mario enters the dream world, Subcon, to defeat the villain. Wart🇧🇷

And so begins one of the most exciting adventures. weird and rough from Mario. In this version the player can choose between four characters, among them are Mario it’s your brother Luigi🇧🇷 toad and the princess peach🇧🇷

Super Mario Bros 2

Each character has a own characteristicLuigi who jumps the highest, Princess Peach can float for a short period of time, Toad is stronger to throw “beetroots” and Mario is the most balanced.

The first thing to do when playing this version is forget everything that made Super Mario Bros the success it isas well as her own nintendo did. Instead of the classic enemies like Goombas and Kroopas, we have the Shy Guys and Birds, which appeared in other games in the mustache series with much more style.

Super Mario Bros 2

Defeating these new threats literally requires remove vegetables from the ground and throw them at enemies or jump over one of them, pick them up with the action button and throw them at enemies or cliffs. When you “harvest” the vegetables, in some cases you can find some special items, such as bombs, a clock that stops time and a small formula in a chemical bottle.

When throwing this flask a door appears and when entering it the scenarios are in black and white as if you only saw the shadows of the character and setting, and for a short time, it is possible to collect coins and mushrooms by picking up vegetables from the ground. It is worth mentioning that the system of lives here is very different, your character starts out “big” and the player has two hearts marked on the screen, when he is hit by one of the enemies the player lose a heart leaving Mario and company small, if he takes another hit in that state then the character dies.

Super Mario Bros 2

With these strange news, Super Mario Bros 2 managed to be one of the most boring Mario games🇧🇷 The new mechanics made the game very easy and moving the characters is very strange, sometimes you make a mistake simple heels for not getting used to the strange and ungoverned jumps that the characters give.

The levels also lack inspiration, they are generic mixtures of what we’ve seen in some levels of Mario Bros with a Arabic theme that doesn’t match an Italian plumber🇧🇷 To top it off, the bosses are basically the same until you encounter the villainous Wart. The craziest thing is that they are dinosaurs that throw eggs from their mouths and his look is vaguely reminiscent of the charismatic Yoshi🇧🇷 well, at least this game served as a good inspiration for future characters.

Graphics and Sounds

Super Mario Bros 2

The game’s soundtrack is cool, it’s far from being a real milestone in the universe of the series as in Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World, but they play their role well. The sound effects are basic, following Nintendo’s standard level.

Regarding the graphics, they are even well done in the characters, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, each one has its own characteristics, such as height, clothing color and design, as well as the enemies, some very detailed like the Shy Guys and others much simpler.

In contrast, the scenarios are the worst in the entire franchise🇧🇷 Creativity has gone a long way, they are poor in details and many of them leave something to be desired in terms of quality and finish. Even Mario Bros, a bet by Nintendo where they didn’t know if it was going to work or not, presented a much more competent technical work than we see in this version of Mario.

Super Mario Bros 2