Super Mario Galaxy: analysis.

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Why doesn’t Mario send Princess Peach to the club and save himself the trouble he gets her into? Well, why would we run out of those pieces of games that Nintendo periodically surprises us with.

Super mario galaxy It has been one of the most anticipated releases for the Wii. It was rare that a Mario game was not attached when the console was released, but Nintendo wanted to make the most of this year that they had to finish developing the game and offer a great title. Suffice it to say that if you liked Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine stop reading this article right now, go to the store and buy yourself Super mario galaxy. What do you not have the Wii? Well, take advantage and buy it. This is the game for which the Nintendo console is worth having.

Super Mario Galaxy: analysis

Like most Mario titles, this is a platformer, but they are not conventional platformers. If Mario started in 2D and evolved to 3D, in Super mario galaxy It can be said that it has gone a step further by adding the effect of gravity in the movements we make. So we can be on a planet at the top, bottom, face down, jump between the two parts of the planet, … And although it may seem a bit strange at first glance, immediately one becomes one with the mode of operation.

The control mode of the game is quite intuitive. We will move through the worlds with the analog joystick of the nunchuk, while the Wiimote will help us to perform some actions, such as collecting stardust or attacking enemies. But the Wiimote is also used in some special phases, in which the control varies a bit. For example, one of them consists of raying, which contrary to what it may seem has nothing to do with drugs. It is a race in a water circuit on a line, which we will control by conveniently tilting the Wiimote.

Super Mario Galaxy: analysis

The objective is to rescue the princess, who has been kidnapped by Bowser (as always, let’s go). To do this, we need to collect a series of stars that will allow us to reach Bowser’s ship through the universe. These stars are spread over various galaxies and we must perform various actions to achieve them.

In the graphical section, and despite what it might seem in the comparison with Mario Sunshine, it has been greatly improved. The graphics are excellent: colorful and beautiful to look at. Mario has never looked so good. The textures of the objects are very good (always with the environment that surrounds Mario, no hyper-realism), the light is very successful and the water effects are incredibly real.

Super Mario Galaxy: analysis

The different galaxies are very varied, not at all from a lot of practically identical worlds. It shows that they have worked a lot to offer variety and quality, so that we will not get bored. Whoever expected a lot of round mini-planets and jumps from one to another was wrong. We will find some, but the action in general is very varied.

Also contributing to this is the fact of putting Mario into disguise as different characters, which will give him some abilities: bee, which allows flying, ghost, to go through walls, pier, with big jumps, …

Super Mario Galaxy: analysis

Another part where much has been improved is the music, very successful, and that gives a unique setting. Classic and not so classic songs with orchestration will accompany us throughout our tour, and they do it very well. As in all Mario games, the references to the previous ones and to the “imaginary Mario” are constant, both in the music and in the characters and graphics in different parts of the game.

Anyway, he doesn’t want to hook me up much more. Is this the best game ever? Well it depends, for some yes and for others no, but of course it is the essential game right now for the Wii. The only downside I would give it is that, except for a screen, it is turning out to be quite easy, but I hope that in more distant galaxies things will get more complicated.