Super Mario Golf: Super Rush.

With Mario Golf: Super Rush, the Mario Golf series returns in its fastest delivery. Players will be able to select from a variety of Mushroom Kingdom characters in multiple solo or multiplayer modes when the game launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch, starting June 25, 2021. The New Trailer -Compete against your family and friends on Mario Golf: Super Rush (Nintendo Switch) – reveals a colorful roster of characters, a new mode, different courses and more details of the game.

Various styles of play:

  • Basic controls. Button controls make it easy for both new players and seasoned pros alike. It’s as simple as aiming, choosing the strength of your shot, and making the ball fly. In addition, it is also possible to use the motion controls by holding the Joy-Con like a golf club *.
  • Helpful techniques. Curving a shot is an effective technique to avoid hazards and give the ball spin on landing. In addition, there are several functions that help achieve better results, such as the draft indicator that adapts to the angle of the slope and the scanner that makes it easier to read the terrain.

Familiar faces and playing with family and friends

Players can choose from a cast of 16 Mushroom Kingdom characters, each featuring different strengths and equipped with their own special moves. Pauline, Placapum and King Bob-omb will make their first appearance on the series. Players can play with up to three people, both locally and online **, in different modes.

Super Mario Golf: Super Rush

Variety of fields

From traditional courses to courses with special hazards, each round of golf is different. There are a variety of six great places to choose from.

Variety of modes

  • Fast golf. In this new mode, players come out in unison and race across the field to get the ball in first. It is important to collect items to regain energy and avoid the various dangers of the field while running towards the ball. Players can also use special shots to tip victory in their favor.
  • Golf battle. In Battle of Gold – a more frenetic variant of Fast Golf – nine holes are played at the same time. The first player to get three holes wins, so getting ahead of your opponents or risking losing is essential.
  • Traditional golf. In this mode, every hit counts and whoever uses the fewest hits in total wins.
  • Golf Adventure. In this solo mode, players can go from rookie to pro by signing up their Mii character to a prestigious country club. While interacting with familiar characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, they can learn to play and face various challenges. Gaining experience allows you to level up the character and configure his strengths to your liking. In addition, it can then be used as a playable character in multiplayer modes.

The new Mario Golf: Super Rush trailer, coming to Nintendo Switch on June 25, 2021, showcases the full roster of characters, a new game mode, and more.

Super Mario Golf: Super Rush