Super Mario Strikers, the Nintendo GameCube classic that started the Super Mario football franchise, received several curiosities at the end of last month as a result of datamining. Exploring the game’s archives, user Dogon McBanana discovered several character models that were not used in the final version of the game, including a full team of generic humans and apes.

Was digging through the game’s files on a whim, and evidently the final build of Super Mario Strikers on Gamecube just has an entire team’s worth of generic Mario style humans and a whole bunch of other unused stuff that I’ve never seen anybody talk about? ? (thread)

Super Mario Strikers: datamining reveals discarded characters

— Dogon McBanana (@Dogon_McBanana) February 25, 2022

The person responsible for the discovery believes that the characters would be used as helpers during matches. In Super Mario Strikers, each captain, who is a familiar face from the Mushroom Kingdom, is accompanied by secondary characters like Toads and Koopa Troopas. In the end, using characters that already existed in the Super Mario universe instead of creating characters that were unfamiliar to fans seemed to be the best decision.

Among the discoveries is also a version of Dull Bones, from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, as a kind of paramedic. The Mario Strikers series is known for being a soccer game without rules, including using items in the best Mario Kart style. Would this be an indication that there would be fouls during the matches?

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The Piantas of Super Mario Sunshine, which was the plumber’s main game at the time, also appear fulfilling different roles: as security and also as responsible for the cameras. The way one of them appears to be holding a rocket launcher may explain why the idea was scrapped.

It is possible to check all the models discovered and curiosities in the sequence of tweets published by Dogon McBanana.

Mario Strikers: Battle League arrives with subtitles in PT-BR on Nintendo Switch.Source: Disclosure/Nintendo

A new Mario Strikers is coming

It is worth remembering that Nintendo’s football franchise will receive a continuation after 15 years since its last release with Mario Strikers: Battle League, which arrives on Nintendo Switch on June 10. Next Level Games, which was acquired by Nintendo in January last year, will remain responsible for the series. The pre-sale is already underway on the national Nintendo eShop for R$ 299.00.

This time, the game seems to put a lot of emphasis on online multiplayer, allowing players to participate in clubs for up to 20 players and unlock a ranking in the dispute for the best scores each season.

Super Mario Strikers: datamining reveals discarded characters

It is important to highlight that the game is part of the recent batch of titles localized in Brazilian Portuguese for Nintendo Switch, following the example of Mario Party Superstars. In addition to it, Nintendo Switch Sports will also arrive translated into our language. Fans have also recently mobilized for bigger games, such as Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, to arrive subtitled in PT-BR.

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