Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters. In the world of video games, every time a new version of any saga comes out, gamers expect it to be better than the previous one, and is that if they do not bring news Video games tend to go out of style and are not considered successful.

In the case of this version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, fans can rest assured that you will find several novelties that will be to your liking, then we will tell you which are some of these novelties that the creators included in this version.

The news

Some of the novelties that this version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate has, are the improved speedwith which you will have the opportunity to send your opponents so far that they end up in a different scenario, which will not allow them to return to combat, at least not easily.

The other novelty with which the creators of this version showed off are combat scenarios, On this occasion they included scenarios based on Castlevania, Super Mario Odyssey, this to name just a couple of the different series on which they were based for the realization of these.


This installment included some of the characters that video game fans had already been waiting for some time and asking the creators to include, among the most outstanding or of the most anticipated we can name you: Are Lloyd of Tales of Symphonia, the Dragonborn of skyrim, Dante from Devil May Cry, Kazuya and Shantae.

These are the last four characters including which are available as skin, although one last character is expectedwhich will be the last inclusion in the game to end with a total of 82 characters.

What comes after this character?

After the inclusion of this last character, it is no longer expected that more characters will be included in the saga, this as announced by Masahiro Sakurai, who is the director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, because he wants to continue developing other projects. Meanwhile, fans of the video game will have the opportunity to enjoy the characters they love so much and have been waiting for so long.

Some other news

Among the novelties included in this video game you can find a series of hits new associates to each of the charactersthis is a strategy of its creators so that each character is even more unique and the player identifies with the one he likes the most.

Combos and different strategies combat will be one of the most striking things in this video game. Well, these will not be developed as in the other fighting games that are in the current market.

Value added

As an added value for players and fans of the saga is the score achieved by this video game on, and it is definitely the be rated 94/100 It is one of the highest honors given by critics to video games, which I rate as extraordinary in the year 2018.