Do you feel similar? Are you sitting in front of the character selection screen in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and you just don’t know who you are taking? In the meantime, the game is evolving towards 80 characters and the choice is not easier with each addition. But: if you have Fighters Pass 2, take a look at the latest addition – Min Min from Arms.

Not a superstar among Nintendo characters and just as little of a guest character everyone craves for, which shouldn’t stop you from giving him a chance. Its fighting style comfortably sets it apart from the rest of the range. And most importantly, he’s not another fire emblem character, there are now enough of them.

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Its fighting style matches the slower gameplay of Weapons. She isn’t the most agile fighter in arenas and needs a bit of thought on your part. The A and B keys each represent her two arms, with which she strikes at great distances, which is especially useful in battles against melee. Additionally, she is able to hit enemies within the same range and perform two successive attacks – which surprises either opponent.

Min Min hits Super Smash Bros Ultimate if you learn how to use it.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate takes into account the possibility of adjusting the arms as in the arms. This happens directly on the fly during playback by pressing the down arrow button and B. So you switch between three different options with different properties. Your gun is the fastest, but at the same time the weakest option in terms of damage. A good choice for times when you need quick shots, for example to get your opponents away from the edges.

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The megawatt looks like a sort of yellow mine and makes your attacks with the B button much stronger, which is great for finishers. The range is however shorter. All that’s left is their laser worm, basically something in between the other two with the better range. In addition, it offers the possibility of firing a laser shot during a shattering attack. The art is to learn to change when playing in order to effectively use your different types of arms in combat. This gives Min Min flexibility in attack and you don’t always spam the same attacks.

At the same time, it is important to keep a close watch on opponents and preview their moves. Min Min’s attacks are slow compared to other fighters, and trained opponents can find ways to bypass their attacks vertically, making them vulnerable to enemy offensive maneuvers for a short time after failed attacks. This is all the more true as their strikes go straight into the arms, you have to be at the same level as the target. To make up for that a bit, Min Min still has a few more tricks in store, like a down jump or a punch.

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Plus, their options are limited when it comes to returning to the stage if a teammate takes you far. However, its arms give it the ability to grab onto the edges at the last moment when you’re close enough, which is useful in many times.

In addition to Min Min, the DLC naturally brings more content with it, for example Spring Stadium as a new location, as well as 18 new Weapons music tracks. The stage isn’t the most impressive new addition, but the stepping stones that bustle here every now and then provide some variety. Occasionally you’ll find some around the edges as well, making a rescue possible if you land them at the right time. Plus, the cover in most cases prevents you from flying out of the arena. At the same time, it happens every now and then that you bounce like a bouncing ball and come down the arena faster than you would like.

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In the end, Min Min is not a standard character, he brings with him a unique playstyle, which makes him interesting. It takes a little practice to master their idiosyncrasies, but when your moves penetrate and push enemies off the battlefield, it always leaves you feeling satisfying. As with many other characters, it depends on the makeup of the match whether they act effectively or less – make sure you don’t present your weaknesses to your opponents too often. At the same time, the developers are using their arms to illustrate how they managed to transfer the Arms concept to Smash Bros Ultimate. Not a great start, but an interesting and good start to Fighters Pass 2.

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