Surprise! You can now play the sequel to Celeste for free on PICO-8, where its protagonist premieres the use of the hook

Without a doubt, the best-known video game that has been created with the PICO-8 virtual machine is Light blue. The original, created in four days. Then came the Celeste as such in 2018, one of the best platforms in history, by far.

Hence, we are now surprised by Maddy Thorson, Noel Berry and Lena Raine, with the help of Kevin Regamey in the testing, with the launch of the official sequel to the PICO-8 classic, which they have baptized as Celeste Classic 2. And yes, free.

Whether playing it from a browser from its official website or downloading it for Windows, Mac, Linux or even Raspberry (all the links are on its page), we can enjoy it instantly with both keyboard and controller, drawing attention to the implementation of a new gadget : the hook. And logically, this causes a change in the design of the phases, no matter how much the possibility of bouncing off the walls or having to continue picking strawberries remains.

A nice gift following the Farewell expansion of Light blue in 2019, no doubt. Further, Celeste Classic 2 has been created in three days to celebrate its third anniversary.

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