The Nintendo Switch has been proving to be a huge success and its maker is doing little to ride on the hype. We currently have three different models of the portable console, but the one that raises the most questions is the smallest and most affordable of them – is it worth buying a Switch Lite after all? We will try to help you decide with this article.

Switch Lite: Is Nintendo’s cheapest laptop worth buying?

Advantages of the Nintendo Switch Lite

If your focus is portability, the Switch Lite will offer you several advantages over other models. Yes, it has the smallest screen of all – just 5.5”, versus 6.2” for the standard model and 7” for the OLED. But this smaller screen results in a small and lighter device. The Switch Lite weighs just 280g, while the standard goes to 400g and the OLED weighs 420g.

The smallest, lightest, cheapest Switch LiteSource: Nintendo

Even though it’s smaller, the Switch Lite doesn’t sacrifice storage over the standard model, coming with the same 32GB of free space.

The console features built-in controls and has a wider range of colors to choose from, which are exclusive to the Lite model.

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But of course the main advantage of this Switch version, and the big reason it exists, is that it’s cheaper. Currently, it is possible to find the standard Switch for values ​​that are on average from R$ 2,500, while the Switch Lite even appears for less than R$ 2,000.

Disadvantages of the Lite model

Of course, a cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch would not only bring advantages, and the model has its limitations.

We’ve already mentioned its smaller screen, but the main downside of the Switch Lite is that it’s made for handheld use only, i.e. it’s dock incompatible and, in an officially supported way, doesn’t allow you to move your screen to a TV or monitor. .

Also, it doesn’t come with the Joy-Con with all its advanced HD Rumble functionality and IR Motion camera. The Switch Lite’s controls are built-in and traditional, something that hinders native compatibility with games that use motion sensors, such as Super Mario Party and 1-2 Switch (in addition to not being able to play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD in HD mode). of movements).

Switch Lite: Is Nintendo’s cheapest laptop worth buying?

This problem can be circumvented by connecting Joy-Cons or an external Pro Controller, but you’ll have to play with the Switch resting on some surface and, of course, buy an extra pair of joysticks.

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Some functionality is limited in the modelSource: Nintendo

Being a smaller device, the Lite also comes with a smaller battery, promising autonomy between 3 and 7 hours, while the standard Switch and OLED promise between 4.5 and 9 hours away from the socket.

So is it worth it or not?

At the end of the day it is obvious that the person who is buying it must decide whether the Switch Lite is worth it or not. Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages listed here, we can only point out that the Switch Lite may be a good option for those looking to really enjoy the portable experience of the Switch, and who can save a good amount of money by choosing the console.

A good option for your second consoleSource: Nintendo

This may be the case for those who do not intend to have the Switch as their main console, but as a secondary console, taking advantage of its portability and its exclusives. But if your plan is to have the Nintendo Switch as the main video game in the house, it’s probably worth investing a little more and getting the standard model, to be able to take advantage of the dock and play on TV.

Switch Lite: Is Nintendo’s cheapest laptop worth buying?

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nintendo switch lite

Switch Lite is a cheaper version of Nintendo’s beloved console. Even though it’s more affordable, it’s still great for those who love portable video games.

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