Bandai Namco has just announced Synduality, a new third-person sci-fi adventure game for PS5, Xbox Series and PC (Steam), scheduled for release in 2023. The title was revealed during the State of Play.

The announcement trailer can be seen below:

Synduality is Bandai Namco’s newest adventure game for PS5, Xbox Series and PC

More details, via the PS Blog:

Synduality takes place in a dystopian future where poisonous rain and deformed creatures plague the world, and you and your AI companion must figure out a way to work together to reclaim the territory humanity has lost. To make things even more exciting, we partnered with top developers Neco (for character design) and Gyobu (for mecha design) to bring their unique sci-fi style to the project. Check out the reveal trailer below to watch a preview of the game.

the game world
It’s the year 2222. It’s been years since a mysterious rain started and killed almost all of humanity. The poisonous rain gave rise to deformed creatures that devoured humans, and they fled from harm. To survive, they built Amasia, an underground refuge. In this new dystopian city, while trying to maintain their own existence, humans came across an artificial intelligence called Magus. Not knowing what will happen between them, the story begins of how humans and AI began to interact in a deeper way and how they are trying to discover themselves.

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Seek scarce resources with your vehicle
In the world of Synduality, you will take on the role of a character who lives by collecting a rare crystal that can only be obtained in dangerous terrestrial environments. You will face each mission in an armed vehicle that will help you move during the adventure. Not only the appearance, but also the weapons equipped on this vehicle are customizable to make it suit your play style.

Meet Magus, your AI companion
You will not be alone on this journey. To help complete missions safely, a companion AI named Magus will fly alongside your mecha during battles to provide instructions, tips and warnings. Depending on each situation, you will have unique interactions and dialogues with Magus.

Combat against enemies and other players (PvPvE)
On the vast battlefield, you will encounter xenomorphic creatures that will try to stop you from collecting crystals. It will be possible to use various types of weapons, which are built into the vehicle, to defend against these enemies.

You will also be able to engage in intense PvPvE battles. Playing online, you will find other players trying to fulfill their missions. But be careful. They could end up hindering your progress.