The COVID-19 pandemic has confined us for weeks, and this confinement has had a clear impact on laptop and tablet sales.

A Canalys study now shows how tablets were the biggest beneficiaries of this increase in sales: While PCs fell 26% in the second quarter of the year – IDC data was somewhat different – laptops increased by 24% and tablets made 26% which is surprising as this market evolved. However, there is a logical reason for this.

Tablets are not shared (both)

Canalys data reveals how this growth occurred even with many physical stores closed. Containment locked us up the greatest distance teaching and working experience history, but it caught us off guard: many did not have the equipment to carry out these tasks.

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This has led to the growth in sales of laptops, very suitable for the professional environment, but also for tablets, which were sold even more.

There are obvious reasons that contribute to this: they are very child and teen oriented they don’t so clearly need a laptop or a PC for this distance education, for example.

However, in Caanalys they point out that the cheap prices of these tablets allow “each member of the family to have their own device”.

The investment in a laptop is usually significantly higher, and often the price of any decent laptop to work with. double that of a tablet like the Apple iPads which continue to dominate the market.

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Manufacturers do their particular August

This reason suddenly strengthened a remarkably strong market. Canalys estimates that Apple sold 14.25 million iPads in the second quarter of 2020, which it represents 19.8% more than in the same period of the previous year.


The same data affects for example Samsung, which would have experienced even greater sales growth with a 39.2% growth in sales, or 7 million units against 5 million in the second quarter of 2019.

In fact, all the major players in the market have experienced spectacular growth: Huawei did 44.5%, Amazon 37.1%, and Lenovo an impressive 52.9%.

These devices have proven to be affordable companions in professional and educational environments, but they are also great for recreation and in containment, many users for some reason or other they had more free time than ever.

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It remains to be seen what happens now: the uncertainty of returning to school and work after the summer is clear with the latest outbreaks, and this may lead to new measures that maintain interest in devices that allow us to work or educate ourselves at home.

Source : Engadget