TAG Heuer, Intel and Google present the TAG Heuer Connected watch.

TAG Heuer, Intel and Google have jointly developed the first internet-connected luxury Swiss watch. The TAG Heuer Connected – with Intel processor and Android Wear – was unveiled in New York by TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and David Singleton, vice president of Engineering for Android at Google. The Tag Heuer Connected is available immediately via the website tagheuer.com and at TAG Heuer boutiques and retailers around the world, including the Netherlands.

The TAG Heuer Connected was designed in the cradle of the luxury watch, the Swiss La Chaux-de-Fonds. Legendary Swiss watches and chronographs – the most precise timepieces in the world – have been produced here since the 18th century. The particularly stylish design is that of an ‘old-fashioned’ chronograph, but then made of indestructible titanium grade 2. Thanks to this modern material, the Connected is lighter and more shock-resistant than watches made of steel and gold.

“Intel technology enables wonderful experiences,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. “Together with TAG Heuer and Google, we have developed a beautiful, intelligent and functional product that brings together the latest computing innovation with over a hundred years of watchmaking experience, timeless aesthetics and the highest quality.”

TAG Heuer, Intel and Google present the TAG Heuer Connected watch

A real watch in every way

The TAG Heuer, designed in the style of the Carrera collection, is available with watch straps in six different colors: red, blue, white, orange, green and yellow. Furthermore, users can choose from three different ‘digital watch faces’, all of which are true-to-life representations of conventional watch faces. More digital watch faces will be available soon via the TAG-Heuer app – available in the Google Play Store.

TAG Heuer, Intel and Google present the TAG Heuer Connected watch

The TAG Heuer Connected looks like a real watch in every way: the digital hands and the dial are always visible. At 12, 6 and 9 o’clock are chronograph dials that display information from apps. Touch one of those little dials and the information you want will appear in full screen. All apps, shortcuts and notifications can be used without compromising the classic look.

“We are extremely proud of our first connected watch,” said Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer. “More than 150 years of history is a solid foundation for the future. The TAG Heuer Connected is not only ready for that future, but for eternity.”

TAG Heuer, Intel and Google present the TAG Heuer Connected watch

Smart and chic

TAG Heuer has worked closely with Intel and Google to deliver a combination of intelligent connectivity and old-fashioned Swiss precision. The brain of the watch is the Intel Atom Z34XX processor with support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4GB of memory. The water-resistant watch, which runs on Android Wear, has a sapphire crystal touchscreen, the latest lithium battery – good for a whole day’s use and can be charged with a wireless contact charger – and a tiny microphone for Google Voice Control.

TAG Heuer, Intel and Google present the TAG Heuer Connected watch

The watch can easily be synchronized with any smartphone running Android (from 4.3) and iOS (from 8.2). However, it is not necessary to constantly connect the Connected to a smartphone: as long as there is Wi-Fi, there is also a connection to the cloud. Plus, there are already thousands of apps available for the watch, including voice-controlled Google classics like Google Translate and Google Maps.

“From search engine to smartwatch, Google is always striving to have the right information at the right time, in the right place,” said David Singleton, vice president of engineering for Android at Google. “With Android, we’re bringing that aspiration to millions of devices around the world. The TAG Heuer Connected with Android Wear has become an incredibly beautiful and useful luxury watch and we are proud to present it together with TAG Heuer and Intel.”

The price of the TAG Heuer Connected is 1,350 euros

TAG Heuer, Intel and Google present the TAG Heuer Connected watch