Prime Gaming members with a passion for mobile gaming are in for a treat this month with bonus in-game content for King’s most popular titles: Candy Crush, Candy crush soda saga and Farm Heroes Saga.

Prime Gaming’s Candy Crush Saga Bundle is available in preparation for this year’s Candy Crush All Stars tournament, which starts on March 23rd. The bundle helps advance to level 25 to enter the tournament and secure a seat in the live finals in London. In the final, ten players will compete for a share of the $250,000 prize pool and a championship ring.

All Stars is a tournament in candy Crush Saga in which players must collect as many All Star Candies as possible in order to reach the top of the leaderboards and advance in the tournament. The top 10 will be invited to compete in London on May 25th for prize money, one of three diamond rings and loads of in-game rewards. More information about the All Stars tournament can be found here.

Prime Gaming members can prepare for All Stars with the following drops:

  • Prime members can do this until April 5th Sweet Bundle which contains 20 gold bars, 1 paint bomb, 1 striped and wrapped candy, 1 lucky candy, 1 coconut wheel, 1 gummy fish, 1 lollipop hammer and 30 minutes of unlimited lives.
  • It will be available from April 5th Delicious bundlewhich includes 50 Gold Bars, 2 Color Bombs, 2 Striped and Wrapped Candies, 1 Lucky Candy, 1 Coconut Wheel, 1 Gummy Fish, 1 Lollipop Hammer, 1 Free Switch, 30 Minutes of Color Bombs, 30 Minutes of Striped and Wrapped Candies and Includes 30 minutes of unlimited lives.

Additionally, Prime members can download free in-game content for Candy crush soda saga claim – a new sparkling adventure that will quench the thirst for fun:

  • Prime members can do this until April 5th Tasty Bundle claim which includes 1 Color Bomb, 12 Hours of Striped Candies, 12 Hours of Wrapped Candies, 1 Double Delish Fish, 1 Coloring Candy and 12 Hours of Unlimited Lives.
  • From April 5th to May 10th this is waiting Juicy Bundle Cheers to player, this includes 2 Color Bombs, 24 Hours of Striped Candies, 24 Hours of Wrapped Candies, 2 Double Delish Fish, 2 Coloring Candies and 24 Hours of Unlimited Lives.

Prime members can also look forward to exciting content for Farm Heroes Saga be happy. Prime members are challenged to take down Rancid the Racoon, team up with Farm Heroes to collect cropsies and save the day.

  • Prime members can do this until April 5th Fresh bundle with 20 gold bars, 1 hour of unlimited lives and 1 magic shovel.
  • Prime members can count on this from April 5th to May 10th super bundle this includes 40 gold bars, 1 hour of unlimited lives, 1 magic shovel, 1 color collector and 1 tractor.

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