Team Power Unlimited will take the next step towards professional gaming in 2018. A new agreement has been signed with MSI Notebooks and that means, among other things, that our players will be paid monthly this year! You can read how that all works and what else is planned in this huge Team PU update.

The decision is made! Team PU, our Rocket League team, will continue even harder in 2018 as a renewed agreement has been signed with our partner MSI Notebooks. This means that our boys can start playing on new MSI Notebooks from April, will finish all major tournaments in the Benelux, but also important: our Rocket League players are becoming more and more professional and can count on a monthly allowance this year due to good performances. deliver will become increasingly serious.

PU as a serious eSports organization

Tjeerd, manager of team PU, is pleased with this agreement: ‘It is important for Power Unlimited that our team continues to take steps, and this step means that we will become one of the most serious Rocket League esport organizations in the Benelux. Our goal is to ultimately retain the top talent from the Benelux and in this way eventually reach the European top with a Dutch-speaking team and I am convinced that in 2018 we can get closer to this goal in collaboration with MSI Notebooks. ‘


Recently, the team was in a transition phase, which included the LAN Frag-o-Matic at the end of February. On the always pleasant Belgian LAN, things did not go very well for Team PU and they said goodbye with a disappointing fifth place. mCon eSports, one of the best teams in the Benelux, did take the win, making it clear that there was work to be done for our team.

Line up

Team Power Unlimited, led by captain Remy, is currently working on selecting the team that will work towards this goal. For example, Bram ‘Daedra’ Slot has left the team due to a reduced focus on Rocket League. We are currently fitting Derk ‘KreD’ Wagemaker and Sem ‘Smtx’ Klinkenberg into the team. That makes this the current line-up of Team Power Unlimited:

Remy ‘Reemo2K’ van Nieuwpoort (C)

Patrick ‘Piatrix’ Campaign

Derk ‘KreD’ Wagemaker

Sem ‘Smtx’ Klinkenberg


Captain Remy is pleased with the renewed partnership: ‘I am pleased that we are entering a very good and professional 2018 together with MSI Notebooks.’ The coming period will show how Team PU will perform with the new line-up at The Party, one of the largest LANs in the Netherlands. Remy: ‘I expect that we will soon be able to become number 1 in the Netherlands with a round team without any problems and that we will be part of the European top at the end of 2018.’ Our players are already high in the top 100 3vs3 players in the world, so hopefully Remy is right and we’ll see Team PU back in the RLRS soon.

Team PU on Twitch

If you want to check out just how good Team PU really is, you can see Remy in action on our Twitch channel every week. This week he will show his skills on Friday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, after which he will be present every Thursday from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM on the Power Unlimited Twitch channel. You can also follow Remy’s own channel, there he will also stream several times a week.

Play against Team PU on Saturday

Do you want to see Team PU in action personally? This Saturday afternoon our boys will be together with MSI in the Mediamarkt in Ekkersrijt (Eindhoven). There you can compete against them and compete for cool goodies. Click here for more information.