Fortnite has been so successful that, since its launch, it has earned its producer – Epic Games – at least one billion dollars. However, Epic Games is not the only one to make a profit with the game’s success.

According to the BBC, hackers aged 14 and over earn thousands of euros by stealing player accounts, then selling them online.

It is worth noting that many of these accounts contain in-game items – namely skins – that are paid for with real money and that are used to change the look of the avatar. Despite being just a cosmetic accessory, many of these skins are relatively rare (appearing only once or twice since the game’s release), making them quite appetizing.

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One of the 14-year-old hackers reveals “The team approached me and told me it was all about” combos “,” proxies “and then showed me how to do it”, adding that “It’s a matter of luck, you either have a good account or you don’t. People like the rarity of “skins”, their appearance and showing them to their friends “.

Depending on the hacked accounts, their value can range from around 30 euros to a few thousand.

One of those hackers also revealed that he got involved in this “business” after his own account was stolen: when he complained on his Twitter account, he was approached by a group of hackers who taught him to steal usernames and passwords published online.

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It is worth noting that if you activate the two-factor authentication feature in Fortnite, hackers will have a much harder time gaining access, a step you should take especially if you have a particularly valuable skin!