Tekken 7 will have Season Pass 3

Tekken 7 will have Season Pass 3

Bandai Namco announced at EVO 2019 a third season of new content for Tekken 7.

After playing with the expectations of the spectators and suggesting that Solid Gear Snake from Metal Gear Solid may be present in Tekken 7, Bandai Namco has officially confirmed Season Pass 3 which has a familiar face and a novelty.

This Tekken 7: Season Pass 3 will officially start in September with the return of Zafina – one of the most requested characters by the community who daily asks Katsuhiro Harada, producer, several return.

After Zafina, Tekken 7 will receive an absolute debut in the winter, in the form of Leroy Smith, which appears in the final part of the Season Pass 3 trailer.

Along the way, the team will implement adjustments to the characters, new movements, updates to the interface, expand the Practice functionality and the way of watching repetitions.

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