Tekken 7 will receive Kunimitsu in Season 4

Tekken 7 will receive Kunimitsu in Season 4

Bandai Namco carelessly revealed the new Tekken 7 trailer ahead of time, confirming that Kunimitsu is indeed the next character to be added to the game.

Through Bandai Namxo Brasil’s official channel, the Tekken 7 trailer was revealed to the world and before it was removed, it was captured for later and fans began to share it.

YellowMotion, Youtuber dedicated to Tekken, did not forgive and captured images from the video, which show Kunimitsu in Tekken 7.

As revealed in the trailer, this fighter will arrive sometime between October and December 2020, along with a scenario called Vermillion Gates. After that, another new character and scenario will be presented in the first months of 2021.

Bandai Namco is also preparing new moves, a new user interface, a renewed ranking system and improved online gameplay to keep Tekken 7 fresh and appealing.

The trailer will be officially revealed and in effect tomorrow, September 27, during the TGS, but for now we have a look at Kunimitsu and confirmation, something exciting because it is the return of a classic character, who first appeared in Tekken and returned in Tekken 2.

However, Kunimitsu removes the mask in Tekken 7 and looks too young to be the same character in the PS1 game, which could mean that he passed the kunais to his daughter.

Full # TEKKEN7 2020 & 2021 Roadmap for Season 4 and Season Pass 4 Contents!

Q4 2020
* Kunimitsu
* Red Gates (New Stage)

Q2 2021

* New moves
* Tekken Prowess
* Updated User Interface
* Renewed Ranking System
* Upgraded Online Gameplay pic.twitter.com/4dSk2YmE3I

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AGAIN! Bamco Leaked Kunimitsu! I saw it. Got VERY excited! It’s REAL & her Reveal is F # ING AWESOME!? Many including me waited for a long time & I don’t want to ruin the devs work. So I’m NOT going to post it! And let them do it on their Show! Get HYPED & Ready! Kuni is Coming !? pic.twitter.com/sLP6LxnPiz

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KUNIMITSU’s face is revealed! And she’s Gorgeous !!! # TEKKEN7 # ?? 7 # ?? 7 pic.twitter.com/djQ1m9c9Xu

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