Telegraphing: the most convenient ways.

Telegraphing: the most convenient ways

Telegram messaging is a tool to massively inform other users about events, products, offers, services, etc. It can help increase sales and brand awareness, as well as inform users about promotions, contests, and news. Telegram Sender also enables feedback, promotional sends, delivery of personalized messages, and educational newsletters. Next, we will see what options there are and how to put them into practice.

Telegraphing: the most convenient ways

Types and how to create

Before making a Telegram newsletter, you have to decide what type of newsletter it is. There are several options available here:

through a channel

Suitable for a situation where the user has his own channel. Subscribers are automatically notified when a message appears. The option is convenient and protects from spam. In particular, the service sends information only to subscribers, the owner has to confirm the signature, and user data is completely confidential.

Telegraphing: the most convenient ways

To perform the task on Telegram, do the following steps:

  • Access the application.
  • Click on the three bars at the top.
  • Click the button Create a channel.
  • Enter their name and description (optional).
  • Select channel type – Public either Private. In the first case, everyone can sign up, and in the second, only people by invitation.
  • Sets the access link when the first option is selected.
  • Add participants.

In this way, a telegram can be made between the members of the group. You can send messages, share news, announce products and other tasks.

Telegraphing: the most convenient ways

Through group/chat

The second option is to send messages to Telegram through a group/chat. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Connect to messenger.
  • Click on the three bars at the top.
  • Click on Create a group.
  • Enter your name.
  • Add participants (up to 20,000).
  • Click on Creates.

Finding out how to make a Telegram newsletter for a group is easy. The main thing is to constantly expand the audience of the community and make regular posts.

Telegraphing: the most convenient ways

Special services

A common option is to use services and bots to send messages on Telegram. Here are several options available for users to choose from.

3vendors is an automated messaging service for Telegram chats. The option is suitable for SMM professionals, online merchants and channel owners who need a quick promotion.

To create a newsletter, do the following:

Telegraphing: the most convenient ways
  • Register and select the available chats in the database.
  • Write an offer to potential users.
  • Leave the dispatch function to the service.
  • The cost per delivered chat message is only 1 ruble. There is no subscription and 10 free SMS are available immediately after registration.


  • Possibility to duplicate the message after a period of time.
  • Low price.
  • Simple interface.
  • Among the disadvantages – the presence of low-quality chats on the list.

    Telegraphing: the most convenient ways


    Another platform for sending mass emails on Telegram is the service. This is a relatively new service that works with many social networks.

    To take advantage of its functionality, do the following:

  • Click the button Create a newsletter.
  • Select the connected bot from the dropdown list.
  • Filter the audience so that only recipients who meet the established conditions receive the information. Segmentation is available for subscription date, activity in the last day, and other parameters.
  • Write the message. The maximum length of the message is 4000 characters. Emoji and variables are allowed.
  • Add the button. If you want, you can add a button with a link to a resource or start a chain. You can place it below the text or another element. Click the Add button (up to 13 buttons can be added).
  • Add additional elements: image, file and others.
  • Preview and select the delivery time.
  • Analyze the results.
  • The service has a subscriber acquisition widget, audience selection, text variables, bot and newsletter statistics.


    Telegraphing: the most convenient ways
    • A wide range of functions;
    • Possibility to select and refine the bot;
    • A widget to attract subscribers;
    • Free Telegram mailing list design (special rate);

    Of the minuses – the slow response of the support team.

    clienthunter is a Telegram bot builder. First, sign up to the project, create a bot and link it to your account. Afterwards, it is available to send to Telegram on a scheduled basis, send selectively, add buttons, etc.


    Telegraphing: the most convenient ways
    • Creation of free bots;
    • the possibility of setting only once;
    • detailed statistics;
    • advertising labels;
    • user friendly interface etc.

    In the free rate there are only 10 SMS for every 50 subscribers.

    Telegram messaging is a useful tool to reach a large number of users with relevant information. To avoid being banned, send messages to people on your contact list, and don’t send to people who aren’t interested in the data. Share your experiences about creating such a tool in the comments.