OtherSide Entertainment has confirmed rumors that started circulating earlier in the week that Chinese company Tencent has taken over System Shock 3 to “move the franchise forward” from now on.

System Shock 3 was announced in December 2015 and the project, which had Warren Spector himself as a creative consultant, seemed to be improving. But things took a turn for the worse in 2018, when Starbreeze began to struggle financially.

Last February, OtherSide announced that it was moving away from Starbreeze, but assured that it would continue to develop the game, which is said to be half-finished. After that, and following the release of the game’s pre-alpha images in September, reports began to emerge that development was “behind schedule” and that Otheride was no longer working on the game.

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However, two months later, the study responded, and vice president of business development Walter Somol, who is no longer with the company, said somewhat vaguely that Otherside “was still there.”

And now, earlier this week, VGC found out that the ownership of the System Shock 3 website had been transferred to Tencent. Last year, Warren Spector hinted that several publishers were interested in the project, leading many to speculate that OtherSide had finally found a new partner at Tencent.

But with yesterday’s announcement, it’s unclear whether OtherSide will continue to be involved in the project. The studio wrote on its Twitter account that “as a small independent studio it was difficult to take on the project ourselves. We believe Tencent’s deep skills and experience as a leading industry will take franchising to a new level. ”

Although Tencent has taken over System Shock 3 stores, NightDive Studios, which is currently working on the System Shock remake, said in a statement to PC Gamer that it remains the owner of the IP Shock system, and that only “certain rights” have been granted. was transferred to Tencent under license from OtherSide to develop suites.

Source: Twitter Feeds