Terry Gilliam is tired of blaming white men for everything.

A former member of the Monty Python Society has a fairly strong opinion on certain controversial topics and the Me Too movement.

Terry Gilliam has entertained the general public for a long time as a member of the British Monty Python, and we can also thank him for the film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, which was released in 2018. But the director doesn’t seem to have much to say about his latest work anymore, which is why an interview recently took an unexpected direction.

The other day, The Independent sat down to talk to Gilliam for a bit, but the conversation soon turned into a more serious exchange. The director said, for example, he was tired of blaming white men for all the trouble in the world. Then there was one of the characters in the aforementioned film, Angelica, in connection with whom Gilliam mentioned the Me Too movement, which had been stirring up a lot of dust in recent years, about Hollywood harassment:

Terry Gilliam is tired of blaming white men for everything

“In the age of #MeToo, here’s this girl who takes responsibility for her condition. Whatever happened in this character’s life, she doesn’t blame anyone. We live in times when someone else is always to blame for your failures and I don’t like it. I want for people to take responsibility instead of constantly pointing fingers at others saying, “You ruined my life …” Yes, I called # MeToo witch hunts, I really feel like a lot of people have been attacked, both good and slightly irritating. bad. I don’t like the herd spirit. It was about ambitious adults. “

With the latter statement, Gilliam referred to producer Harvey Weinstein, who he said was not treated fairly. At this point, slipping somewhat over the swampy ground of victim blame, he added that Hollywood is full of criminals who make their own decisions. And when the reporter went into the game and raised the issue that white men are born with certain prerogatives that are often exploited, the director intervened, indicating that he thinks the subject is greatly simplified. He later went on to say that he didn’t like the words black and white, so he would rather refer to himself as a melanin-poor man. And because as a man he is inherently guilty in the eyes of some, but happens to be attracted to women, he may still consider himself a lesbian for lack of a better one. As you can see, Gilliam often presented what she had to say in a humorous form during the interview, which made it clear that she didn’t necessarily want to convince her discussion partner of the truth and was also perfectly happy to see the world differently. All you want is to keep people from falling apart just because of different opinions. Do you agree with him?

Terry Gilliam is tired of blaming white men for everything