Photo books as if by magic with the ingenious design assistant in DESIGNER 3

As a photo book inventor and the world’s first provider, can look back on the longest experience on the market. With DESIGNER 3, wanted to reinvent the photo book. In fact, since its release two years ago, the sophisticated design software has caused a stir in the trade press, raised the bar for all competitors and inspired a steadily growing fan base.

We want to know exactly! DESIGNER 3 in endurance test

With our reader test, we are therefore specifically addressing users who previously swear by the software of another provider and already have experience with the design of photo books.

Your opinion counts! Is DESIGNER 3 really faster, more stable, more intuitive than the software you know? Do the innovative new features (SmartLayout, style templates, format changes, etc.) bring you a real advantage in the usual processes? Can the composition assistant actually create complete photo books for you as if by magic? time to find out!

How to become a reader tester

Participating* is very easy. You test the free photo book software DESIGNER 3 (you can download it here) and then send us the result of your practical test using the following questionnaire by November 10th, 2019, 10:00 a.m. at the latest, with the subject “Reader test DESIGNER 3” to [email protected]

If you are selected from all participants for one of the 100 free photo books, you will receive a voucher code that you can redeem directly in the shopping cart. So it’s worth designing the photo book for the reader test with love, because there’s a good chance that you’ll be holding it in your hands shortly. All participants who unfortunately cannot enjoy one of the 100 photo books in DIN A4 format will be thanked by Fomanu AG with a 10 euro voucher, which can be redeemed in DESIGNER 3 without further conditions until March 31st, 2020. Have fun!

*By taking part in our reader test, you confirm that you have read the conditions of participation and agree to them. You also agree that the DigitalPHOTO editorial team (as part of falkemedia GmbH & Co. KG) may examine your answers and evaluate them for editorial purposes. We also forward all answers to Fomanu AG ( so that your suggestions can be used for further improvement and quotations can be used in communication.

Designer 3 in detail

Designer 3 is the name of the new software from Fomanu AG, which was the first provider in the world to make the photo book known under the “” brand. In a multi-part series, we present the innovative features of the completely newly developed photo book software. The individual parts of the workshop series can be found on our YouTube channel:

Alternatively, you can also find all articles on the workshop series in written form here:

Part 1: The first truly intelligent photo book assistant

Here you will find all information about the photo book assistant, which helps beginners and professionals alike to create a perfect photo book in just a few minutes.

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Part 2: Design photo books quickly and easily thanks to SmartLayout

Here you can find out how SmartLayout is revolutionizing individual design – because it takes care of all the tedious steps as if by magic.

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Part 3: With flexible templates for an individual photo book

In this part of our multi-part series, we’ll show you how easy it is to create high-quality designs using Designer 3’s flexible templates.

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Part 4: The largest and most flexible selection of stickers for your photo book!

Stickers can be more than just colorful decorative elements. With the software Designer 3 from, the stickers become individual and harmonize with your photos. They become an atmospheric addition to your photo book. Here we explain how to use and adjust the design elements.

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Part 5: It’s so easy to lay out perfect text in a photo book!

Headings, captions or entire texts are an important addition to the photos in the photo book. The book pages only really come into their own with beautifully designed texts. Designer 3 offers unique functions to create and professionally design text fields.

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Part 6: Putting photos in the limelight creatively with professional picture boxes

Image boxes are more than placeholders for photos. They bring your pictures into shape, can create frames and shadows and thus set the photos perfectly in scene. In Designer 3 you have many professional tools for image boxes at your disposal. Here we show you how to enhance your photos with picture boxes.

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Part 7: Customize photo books with clever style templates

Style templates are used in Designer 3 to record the properties of a text placeholder or an image box. You can save your individual design and apply it to other placeholders just as quickly and easily. Here we show you how effective working with style templates in Designer 3 is.

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Part 8: Browse and edit photo book pages with clever tools

When creating a photo book, you want to scroll through the pages quickly, but you also want to move, add or delete double pages. With three clever tools, Designer 3 supports you in all work steps with your book pages.

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Part 9: Easily design photo books with professional layouts

You can redesign each photo book page over and over again – but you don’t have to: Designer 3 has countless layouts designed by professionals that can simply be dragged onto a page with the mouse. The layout of self-designed photo book pages can also be saved and used over and over again.

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Part 10: Design photo books with exclusive backgrounds

From creative to elegant, from colorful to classy: Designer 3 offers you countless background elements with which you can embellish your photo book pages. Read here how you can use the backgrounds quickly and purposefully, how you can easily vary them and how you can also achieve unusual effects.

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