Thanks to this website you can check which backward compatible PS4 games have been optimized on PS5

One of the most important features that is available on PS5 is that it is backward compatible with practically any video game that has been published on PS4. In some cases the amount of fps has been increased, performance or visual quality has been improved, although it is difficult to know exactly what improvements have been applied to each title.

Well, the Backwards-Compatible website will take care of solving these doubts, because it is a most useful tool in which it is analyzed each and every one of the optimizations that have been carried out in PS4 games when playing on PS5, also indicating whether they are backward compatible with the new Sony console or not.

A very complete database that is gradually being updated and for the moment shows the result with more than 570 games. For example, in the case of God of War we can see that it indicates that its performance is better on PS5, it moves at 60 fps, it is seen with HDR and also, in case someone asks you, it shows that it is exclusive to Sony.

Also, if you want to take advantage of your unit of PlayStation VROn the page you can also check which games are compatible with Sony’s virtual reality glasses. Y if its performance is not the most optimal it also appears, as with the Fallout 4 tab, where it is noted that on PS5 it can suffer some occasional failures at the top of the screen.


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