First it was said by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and now it is another analyst named Dan Ives who assures that future iPhone 12 will not include its traditional headphones cable, the EarPods.

The data may turn out to be a disappointment for some users, but the arguments in favor of making that decision are increasingly overwhelming for Apple, and in fact it is quite normal among Android manufacturers not to include headphones even in several high-end devices.

Apple has been paving that path for a long time

Few will be surprised by that measure if it is finally confirmed. We are not saying that it does not feel bad on the part of the users who have this type of accessory, but of course It’s something Apple has been preparing us for for a long time..

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In fact, if we look at Apple’s own philosophy and the steps they have taken in this regard in their business model and the opening of new divisions such as wearables, things seem clearer and clearer:

  • Goodbye to the minijack: Apple’s decisive step in this regard was to say goodbye to the 3.5 mm connector or minijack. That was widely criticized in its day, but much of the industry has followed that path and now we live immersed in the era of wireless headphones that all kinds of manufacturers do not stop launching on the market.
  • Airpods succeed: Apple’s wearables division is working like a charm, and although the Apple Watch is part of the protagonist, so are the AirPods, which have become – with their lights and shadows – one of the market leaders.
  • Green suits you so well: Apple often places great emphasis on its sustainable and environmentally friendly philosophy. Getting rid of including headphones contributes to less electronic waste that many users may not use and that will end up being more of a problem than a solution.
  • Cost: EarPods were not state-of-the-art headphones, but they still pose an additional cost that Apple logically passes on to users. With this measure, Apple may lower its iPhone slightly or include better internal or external options (adapters with fast charging, for example).
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The juicy AirPods business

To apple It has been very good to do without the minijack– Suddenly you have created a business that did not exist and have seen how your AirPods have become one of the great successes of recent years, even as the data on their market share remains confusing and irregular.

In fact, they represent that type of product that Apple has always known how to make and exploit, and this is demonstrated by the fact that now in that market – hardly noticeable two or three years ago – there are no longer the typical protagonists of the headphone market, but (almost) everyone who is something in the world of mobile telephony and technology: Huawei, Amazon, Google, Samsung, Xiaomi or Microsoft have launched their own AirPods rivals in recent times with greater or lesser success.

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Apple’s decision, if it is finally confirmed, will not be so strange either: although there are smartphone manufacturers that include headphones in the box -especially if the mobile is high-end, as with the Huawei, Samsung or LG- others do not do it directly (Realme, Xiaomi) and, at most, they include them as part of a promotional pack that tries to raise a greater perceived value for the terminal.

It is true that the EarPods were still a good option for many users – some surveys suggested that the improvement in sound quality compared to the AirPods was not that bad – but manufacturers and industry They seem h**l-bent on us forgetting about the wired headphones.

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Fortunately, we don’t have to do it yet if we don’t want to, but it is becoming increasingly clear that that trend is there.