It might not have been the world’s best kept secret, but it’s now fully official: Larian Studios, developers of the excellent original RPGs Divinity Sin, is making Baldur’s Gate 3.

The game has been in the works for some time, production started before the end of Divinity: Original Sin 2 in September 2017. However, there is no release date information for Baldur’s Gate 3. And the only plates -forms Larian is talking about are the PC streaming dream and Google Stadia.

I learned about this earlier this week in a conversation with Larian Founder and Creative Director Swen Vincke. Before we continue, here’s the trailer for Baldur’s Gate 3.

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You can see this: The town of Baldur’s Gate and the remains of a bloody battle. A member of the iconic Flaming Fists stumbles through them. He’s not feeling well, to say the least, and soon his body begins to mutate. It’s a grotesque process called “cerorphosis”. It all starts with a tadpole that gets put in the eye and feeds on the host until it grows up and overwhelms it … and a mental flayer emerges.

But it’s not just one of them. At the end of the video, an entire army of them can be seen in the sky, alongside the formidable silhouette of a nautiloid, a vehicle used to travel to the astral plane (it looks a bit like the flying spaghetti monster ).

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Swen Vincke didn’t want to comment on how the events of the video tie into the story of Baldur’s Gate 3. It could happen early, mid-game, or not at all.

But we know that about the frame here: “The events of Baldur’s Gate 1 and Baldur’s Gate 2 are a thing of the past,” says Vincke. “Things have happened in the world. And the ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ campaign, heralded ‘no coincidence’, takes place right in front of Baldur’s Gate 3. “This is an official new chapter in the history of the Forgotten Realms and we’re right in the middle. “

A battle is raging.

Larian initially developed a concept for Baldur’s Gate 3 when Divinity: Original Sin 1 was still in development, but the owner of the Wizards of the Coast dungeons and dragons thought the Belgian studio was too green behind their ears, too inexperienced. to be. It’s funny to hear that now – after the huge success of the original Sin series. And of course the wizards quickly noticed what Larian could do. “During DOS2, they came to us and said, ‘Do you still want to do this? “” Vincke explains. The logical answer was, “Yes, of course. “

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is a big project – bigger than I expected. “There are now around 200 people working there internally,” Vincke explains. “And we have 100 other people taking care of that outside, it will get no less. It’s a really big game. “

“The trailer should tell you something about the production values ​​we’re aiming for – it’s a level above DOS2,” he adds. “What is true will be seen when we show the first game material,” which – before you think about asking – will be displayed “when it’s ready”.

“When it’s ready” is a phrase that is heard more often at Baldur’s Gate 3 because Larian sells it himself. There is no Kickstarter campaign – although Larian really wants to engage the community – and no publisher. Larian sets the tone here.

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The villains.

“We’ll do our best before we run out of money and we have to get the game out,” Vincke said with a smile. “We would prefer that we do it in advance, but we will only release it if this is exactly the game we should be playing ourselves. “

“We have great concepts, I’m convinced that we have really talented people, we have the backing of the company that has been doing Dungeons & Dragons for 40 years… We have a well-funded studio and technologies that we have developed. themselves. ”

“If we mess it up, we are solely responsible for it. “

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Even though development of Baldur’s Gate 3 is progressing at full speed, it is still too early for Vincke to go into gameplay details. “It’s an RPG and you create it in many, many, many layers,” he explains. So, until everything is in place, a thing or two might change.

A look at Baldur’s Gate.

The most obvious difference between Baldur’s Gate 3 and Divinity: Original Sin is clear: Larian uses the rules for dungeons and dragons instead of his own. But given the very pen and paper nature of Original Sin in terms of how many possible ways it can get you through a situation, I can’t imagine this to be a difficult transition. “We worked very, very closely with Wizards and found that we just didn’t have to discuss it with them,” says Vincke. “We all share the same thought. ”

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Elements of the original Sin series can also be found here: multiplayer and co-op will be part of the game. “Yep,” Vincke said. “” Gathering your party “is a very important concept for Dungeons & Dragons, whether it is a party with companions in single player mode or a group of friends. We have so far done a good job of securing and implementing it makes sense that we continue. ”

Which brings us to the insane expectations that now hang over Larian. I can’t imagine a studio I would rather leave Baldur’s Gate 3. But we are perhaps talking about the biggest license available for old computer role-playing games. A step. And Larian not only has to do justice to the old games, but the memories of his players as well. These are often formative experiences associated with these titles. How do you deal with this?

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“We try not to think about it too much,” Vincke said with a smile.

“It’s in the good hands of people who love Dungeons & Dragons. Here a huge amount has completely disappeared – because many were here [Baldur’s Gate] their first RPG, so they want to do their best to create the best game they’ve ever made. They take it very seriously. ”

“But it’s still us, not the original people, who do it. So you will see what we in 2019 and beyond for a good RPG. ”

With a last smile, he closes: “Prepare for a surprise. “

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