In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order you fight old friends from the Star Wars franchise, but for anyone who has only seen the films, a large part of the enemies will be unknown. A pity, because the Sisters are an interesting company. Or what’s left of it. LauraJenny tells you everything you need to know about the Sisters in the new Respawn game about that universe far away.

In the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you are Cal Kestis, who is one of the last surviving Jedi after Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. In Fallen Order, Kestis has to fight a lot of Stormtroopers and other Imperial bastards, of which the Sisters are probably the biggest challenge. People who play Star Wars comics know the sisters from the Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith comics. In it, the game’s biggest villain, Second Sister, wasn’t the most peaceful person in the room.


Before I tell you more about her, it is useful to first know where that group of sisters comes from. They are part of the Inquisitors, emissaries of the Sith who use the Force to do evil things. Their goal in life is to destroy all Jedi, as it was imposed on them by Darth Vader. Father wants nothing more to do with anything from the Jedi, so any memory of these good guys must be destroyed. For this he calls in the Inquisitors of Palpatine, recognizable by their black Imperial uniforms. There are at least nine and they all have ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ after a number. So in addition to the Second Sister, there is also a Ninth Sister, which you also encounter in Jedi; Fallen Order. There are also a Fifth Brother and a Sixth Brother, but whether they are in the game is as yet unknown.

You can actually say that the Inquisitors are a kind of super soldiers. Not only are they trained by Vader himself, they can use the Force to jump high-high, use telekinesis and run very fast. They swing smoothly with their double-sided lightsabers (you know, the one with a laser beam from both sides that Maul also liked to use, but enhanced with a kind of iron rim), which they can also use as a kind of helicopter. Interesting plot twist in incoming: all the Inquisitors were once Jedi, so they know very well who they are fighting against. And they probably have some trauma and old pain in that area, but yeah, who doesn’t have that in Star Wars?

Second Sister

And yes, then we arrive at the Sister who is probably the biggest challenge of the game: Second Sister. We don’t know about her true identity, but at least you can recognize her by her Kylo Ren-esque mask. And the fact that she can control that Force far too well for her own gain. The Ninth Sister misses an eye by Vader, she’s not in such a good mood and she’s not going to let you win. The two ladies are not the strongest Inquisitors, by the way, because that’s their leader, the Grand Inquisitor. You have seen him in the animated series Star Wars Rebels.

I hope we learn more about the Second Sister in this game, because with a whole bunch of Inquisitors who were all Jedi and moved to the Dark Side, there must be some great origin stories to tell. On the other hand, there is a lot of gossip about the game. The campaign would be too short. The fact that he’s not part of EA’s Early Access program adds fuel to the fire. Gamers believe EA believes early access could negatively impact game sales. There is little confidence, fueled in part by the bumpy history of EA’s Battlefront games. However, this is a very different game by a different developer in a completely different genre. A little new hope is in order, until we have the game in our hands of course.

We will know more tomorrow, because Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.