That’s why the timelines of The Witcher series were mixed up.

Do you find the events of each episode of the Butter series brought to life by Netflix tangled? Do you feel like the sequence of events is not right? Everything happened for a good reason.

On December 20, The Witcher, the first season of Vaják, which partly shot in Hungary, made its debut in Netflix’s offer. And as we’ve gotten used to from the stream provider, all eight episodes have become available at once, we don’t have to wait weeks or months to grind them all down with a single boost. At one point in our spoiler-free critique, the storytelling of the series moving on three time planes was discussed, it is worth digging a little deeper and examining the reasons behind the creators ’decision.

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich explained in several interviews that while she considers Geralt of Rivia as the protagonist of adaptation, she wants to see two highly important female characters in an equal role with her. It should be noted that Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and the role-playing games they inspired have also been met with accusations of sexism, saying the skirt fool Geralt plays a guy with an on every pretty girl who is dragged in his hand by fate (the writers).

That’s why the timelines of The Witcher series were mixed up

Its critics complain that the female characters in the stories are often objectified, degraded by men, and fall victim to large numbers of gross and violent acts such as murder, torture, or rape. Meanwhile, of course, they ignore the fact that the medieval conditions that modeled the fantasy world did not favor the weaker sex at all, just as they tend to forget that despite all this, quite a few female characters have political and / or magical power.

This little detour was needed to make it clear that Hissrich’s intention to push Yen and Ciri to the fore is only partially in line with the current Hollywood trend, after all, we know full well that Sapkowski portrays both of them as fundamentally strong and independent women. Rather, the primary consideration was not to have to wait for their presentation and for viewers to get to know them already during the pilot. This could have happened with a start in the middle of the letcho, but in my view the path they took is better, even if this time the jump between the time planes does not necessarily have as brilliant a result as in Westworld, when in the end the viewer struck in shock. on the forehead.

That’s why the timelines of The Witcher series were mixed up

The writers had to find a way to bridge the weak point of the stories told from Geralt’s perspective, from which we barely know anything about the other characters until the point of view in Fairy Blood changes. The only solution seemed to be to play with the time planes, but Hissrich wasn’t happy with either version of the script. Finally, Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama, Dunkirk, presented in 2017, showed that three intertwined threads of story can be well balanced, one covering roughly an hour, the second a full day, and the third a whole week, or a little more. .

“And then the thought arose as to whether I could connect the two weeks of Ciri’s story with Yennefer’s seventy years so that they felt equally important. I literally jumped out of the shower to report to my husband. It was a big challenge because I had to pay attention to so much. from the age of the characters to the passage of time, but the writing team was happy to come forward, and for me, too, it’s one of the best parts of storytelling. ”

That’s why the timelines of The Witcher series were mixed up

said Hissrich, who also added that the current year was never intentionally indicated as part of the concept. Believe only the viewer that the events are taking place in parallel, until he himself is shocked by his mistake.

Attention, from here we will be slightly spoilers, just read on who saw the pilot and the second episode!

And how does all this paint in reality? Well, the three threads of story are introduced at the beginning, which can be suspected of being intertwined sooner or later. Geralt struggles with a chimpanzee in the swamp, then travels to Blaviken on the back of Keszeg, where instead of the hoped-for reward, another offer awaits him: he should choose between the lesser and the greater evil.

That’s why the timelines of The Witcher series were mixed up

In parallel, Yennefer, born with a deformed spine, for so much money that no piglet could be bought, becomes the property of Rector Tissaia de Vries, who takes him to the island of Thannedd to carve a sorceress out of it.

And on the third strand, Cintra’s troops are defeated against Nilfgaard’s forces, leading to the death of Queen Calanthe and the escape of Princess Cirilla. If you haven’t caught suspicion here, you probably haven’t read any of the short stories, or if you have, it’s been too long since you vividly remember every moment of the longer or shorter stories.

Let’s start by saying that Yen is already a great-grandmother when he first meets Geralt, but this is only mentioned in a later episode, in Hungarian, after decades as an apprentice, the Blaviken adventure only ends in massacre, and the fall of Cintra occurs even later. As we progress from episode to episode, the distance in time between the threads of Yennefer and Geralt decreases so that they eventually intertwine at one point and catch up with Ciri in the finale, that is, in the present.

That’s why the timelines of The Witcher series were mixed up