The App Store has a large number of applications for managing emails. While for many, the default app for iOS and iPadOS will sufficeOther users are looking for more control and better organization of their inboxes, trying to make email management a headache.

Among all these available applications, we have examined the most used currently to develop a list of the 10 best messaging apps available on the App Store, which will surely improve your mail experience.

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What criteria did we follow?

In order to create a fair list, we have followed some criteria which we believe should be present in the best messaging app available, are as follows:

Easy to use.

Not all users are application and technology experts, so we consider an application intuitive and simple It is essential so that everyone can use it without problems.


Nail good user interface It is essential for an app to be successful, and with a messaging app it couldn’t be otherwise. A beautiful and beautiful application.

Multiple accounts.

With the large number of email providers that exist today an efficient messaging app should support all kinds of accounts in her.

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Integration with other services.

Today email goes far beyond sending and receiving messages. Attachments are essential in this messaging service and definitely a good messaging app must allow the widest variety of file types possible.

Availability between platforms.

Finally, the availability of applications for all platforms who we work with today is very important. You can use your iPhone every day, but when you check your emails at home, you prefer to do it from your Mac or from a Windows PC in your workplace. Having your messaging app available on different platforms will allow you to easily switch between them without a problem.

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The best messaging apps you’ll find for your iPhone

Once the criteria are cleared, it’s time to start working with the best messaging apps to use on our device, let’s go.


Spark may have something the most intuitive interface of allIt also allows you to use all currently available email providers. You can also adjust its filters so that the most important emails are at the top of your inbox and receive alerts when emails from addresses marked as important come in. Great at helping you never miss any important emails, Spark provides the level of control over your inbox that many apps would want.


Application iOS Gmail

One of the most popular without a doubt, in part due to the large number of users who use it due to the service it provides. It allows you to use different accounts, even if they are not from the Google service, to be able to browse them together or independently.

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What sets the Google app apart from the rest is that categorize the emails you receiveand generates different mailboxes based on the category of each email. Unlike Spark, which puts the most important emails at the top, Gmail creates an inbox that sorts them right into it. As well as we need to highlight the spam filter it has, you won’t drag spam to your primary inbox.

Outlook Mail

Outlook Mail

Widely used in the business environment, Outlook Mail offers a service that is not limited to Microsoft accounts and easy dispensing and handling with just the swipe of your finger.

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The strong point in the case of this application is the integration it offers with our personal calendar. Outlook notifies you of calendar events, notifies you of pending events and plans.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail

You no longer need a Yahoo account to use its email app, so now you can work with Gmail, AOL, and Outlook without any issues and get the most out of it. the customization options it offers on its interface. Themes, colors, notification sounds, Yahoo Mail allows you to adjust your environment to your liking.

Yahoo Mail isn’t just good at personalization, it’s Allows you to record our recent purchases and keep track of receipts of them. It also interacts with the environment and offers a menu with local promotions around you. To top it off, you have the option to unsubscribe from spam with a simple touch which makes spam removal easy.

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Edison Mail

Edison Mail

Edison Mail is without doubt one of the most versatile applications for managing our existing mail. It allows you to manage up to 10 different email accounts from different providers with virtually unmatched control over your inbox.

Among other things, it integrates with other aspects such as travel tracking or diary. A feature of Edison Mail is the ability to respond to emails with what the app calls “smart replies,” being able to provide a predefined response without writing.



With the organization of the flag, this messaging app only available for Apple platforms is without a doubt a great tool. Air Mail integrates with all available email providers and is in fact designed by Apple itself.

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It allows you to have an overview of all your bins in one, in addition to being able to filter emails according to their importance. With Air Mail, you don’t have to worry about losing an important email from your boss again.


Spike mail

Spike est the perfect choice if you are looking to have all your emails in one place. It has a chat box where you can start quick chats with other users individually or in groups, avoiding having to re-process quick topics via email.

One of its most powerful assets is security, all emails are encrypted when sending, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information. As a bonus, Spike also syncs with your current schedule.

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Newton Mail

Newton Mail

While not the most recognized app of all, Newton Mail has great potential behind it. Its main advantage over the competition is that Allows you to link your account to some of the most popular apps on the App Store like Todoist, Trello, or Evernote, and access them through the app itself.

Newton Mail helps you manage your time by showing deadlines and expiration dates, so you no longer have to worry about writing down all of your dates in every email.



Boxer is a messaging app perfect for those looking for a quick and easy solution for your inbox. Its nimble operation sliding on our emails as well as fast responses allow us to take control of our email in a few moments just by writing.

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With privacy as a flagship feature, Boxer not only encrypts your email, but offers basic protection options such as Touch ID / Face ID or PIN locks for more security.

Blue Mail

Blue Mail

Available for a large number of platforms, Blue Mail offers a simple mailbox where you can manage all your daily emails. In addition, it not only manages your emails but also allows integration with your calendar to always be aware of all your events.

Blue Mail offers the possibility to filter your emails according to the person with whom you have a conversation, in addition to managing emails in groups to help keep your mailbox tidy.

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As you can see there are many options for managing our messaging, each with its strengths but all with many functions that will satisfy the majority of users. Go ahead and try out some of these apps and decide which one is right for you.

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