The 10 best video games on PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic.

In our search for excellence in the world of video games, we resumed the path that we started last Tuesday with the Top of the 10 best video games in Xbox One according to Metacritic. This week we advance to Monday the Top of the 10 best video games on PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic due to the stir that will be tomorrow with the State of Play from Sony. In this publication we will show you what the 10 highest rated PlayStation 4 video games according to Metacritic.

The 10 best video games on Xbox One according to Metacritic

The 10 best video games on PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic

We emphasize: Top 10 best video games (NOT NECESSARILY EXCLUSIVE) from PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic. In the coming weeks the Tops of Nintendo Switch and PC will take place.

10. Undertale – Rating: 92

Undertale is a videorole playing game in which we control a human being who ends up in a world of monsters and must find the departure. Otherwise, you will be trapped forever. We are facing a video game with a unique battle system and in which we can solve situations by talking and without the need to fight. Count with one artistic section and a very personal soundtrack and focused on humor.

The 10 best video games on PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic

In Metacritic score it with a 92. If you are looking for a fun, alternative and humorous video game, Undertale is your choice.

9. Journey – Rating: 92

Journey presents us with a narrative adventure, a simple gameplay and a interactive world that invites the user to immerse themselves in the title and explore every corner. It is an adventure with a serious tone and a unique vision. We walk, slide and fly through a fantasy world and impressively beautiful. The main motivation of the player will be to discover an ancient civilization and unravel all its mysteries.

The 10 best video games on PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic

Metacritic scores it with a 92, and it’s no wonder for its beautiful world, soundtrack, and innovation.

8. Bloodborne – Rating: 92

Bloodborne is a third person RPG from the family of Dark souls. It has the same devilish difficulty, but with a slightly different setting than its brothers. In addition, the big difference in its playability is that it is not designed to play with shields but with different pistols or hand cannons. Bloodborne puts us in the shoes of a Hunter in the fictional city of Yharnam. The inhabitants of said city have been infected with a disease. Our mission is “simple”: Survive and discover all the mysteries of the disease.

The 10 best video games on PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic

In Metacritic give it a 92. We anticipate that this is not a video game for all audiences. We hope that your remote control has an active guarantee.

7. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Rating: 93

Uncharted 4 is officially the last Uncharted in the Nathan Drake series. This fourth title is the The climax Nathan needed after a trilogy full of action and adventure. We are facing an action and adventure video game in the third person. The distinctive marks of the title are the scenarios where climbing predominates and the puzzles that we will find during our adventures.

In Metacritic score it with a 93 and from SamaGame we recommend it, but first you will have to play the trilogy that precedes this video game.

The 10 best video games on PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic

6. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Rating: 93

Not all the public could agree with the note Metal Gear Solid V offered by Metacritic, a 93. Hideo Kojima’s video game is the latest installment in the Metal Gears Solid saga. Tactical espionage, incursions into enemy bases and a dose of supernatural terror is what awaits us in our adventure as Solid Snake.

We are facing a video game superior technically, but we can note the exact moment when Kojima was forced to leave the project. A great success that for most fans will always be half finished.

5. Person 5 – Rating: 93

We are facing a role-playing video game set in Tokyo and that narrates the events of a protagonist that the player creates. We are paroled for a crime we did not commit. After this, the narrative takes on a color of powers, masked heroes and a supernatural world called Metaverse. It is the 5th title of the saga, 6th if we speak in chronological terms. We also have dungeon exploration and some simulation of social relationships.

The 10 best video games on PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic

In Metacritic score it with a 93. If you are looking for an interesting and daring video game, it is possible that Persona 5 can satisfy you.

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4. God of War – Rating: 94

God of War is a saga that has earned its place in video game history by crushing gods. Kratos returns years later to show us that the years pass, but that his fury is much greater than what we have seen so far. After the events in Greece, Kratos retreats to Nordic lands, where he meets his wife and forms a family. Now, after the death of his wife, he and his son embark on an adventure that will take them throughout Norse mythology.

Metacritic scores God of War with a 94 and is not for less. If you are fans of the Gears of War saga, this new version of Kratos will probably win you back.

The 10 best video games on PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic

3. The Last of Us Remastered – Rating: 95

The Last of Us is probably one of the most beloved and acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusives of the previous and current generation. It is an action adventure video game set in a post-apocalyptic world. We take the role of Joel, a broken man who just survives, who must lead a girl to safety. This girl is Ellie. The video game tells us about the adventure of these two characters and the relationship that is forged between them.

Metacritic scores the Last of Us with a 95. If you own a PlayStation 4 you should definitely play this remastering.

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The 10 best video games on PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic

2. Grand Theft Auto V – Rating: 97

What to say about GTA V that we don’t already know? We are probably before one of the best video games late generation past and current. No matter how many years go by GTA V is still preserved as fresh and fun as in the first month of life. GTA V’s story mode swept through the early days, but it was with the arrival of Online mode that the real boom hit.

Since the launch of online mode,GTA V has not stopped receiving content. From the first person mode, through game modes, events, weapons, locations … The latest is the great casino and all its rewards. In addition, the recent fashion of the roleplay It was a breath of fresh air, which once again increased the sales of the video game … Yes, more. No wonder Metracritic gave it a 97, bordering on excellence.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 – Rating: 97

Rockstar Games leads this Top indisputably. Tied with Grand Theft Auto V is the recent Red Dead Redemption 2. Same formula, different setting. Rockstar’s western is certainly among the best video games of the current generation. Xbox and Ps4 users have been able to enjoy this game, while rumors about its arrival on PC continue to happen. In this case, the campaign is the one that has carried all the weight of the good reviews.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s online came later and it wasn’t a boom like GTA V’s, but Rockstar treats it just as well as GTA V’s. Metacritic scored it a 97 and in SamaGame we gave it a 9.7, the equivalent of the first note. Without a doubt we are facing the best game of this Top, of the next ones we make and of the current generation.

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So far the Top of the best video games on PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic! In each video game you will have the link to Metacritic to see your file and all the reviews on it. For our part we say goodbye until next Tuesday, we will bring you the Top of the best video games on PC or Nintendo Switch according to Metacritic.

What do you think of the Top PlayStation 4 according to Metacritic? Would you change any video games? What other would you add? Tell us in comments.