In the last seven years, some of the most important video games in recent history have arrived, titles that have created a school and have established new canons for the industry. The generation of PS4, Xbox One and Switch has bet heavily on online gaming, the birth of Battle Royale, open worlds or the rise of mobile titles. We show you which are the 10 most influential games of the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch generation …

Video games have changed a lot in recent years. What was born as entertainment has become the main source of income for culture worldwide, with authentic Mass phenomena with a multiplayer vocation like GTA, Fortnite, FIFA or Call of Duty.

But the evolution of online gaming is not the only progression that the generation of PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch has brought, because we have also seen the rise of virtual reality, the firm commitment to open world titles…wave successful Pokémon GO formula in mobile games. We have not put some like Minecraft or soulslike because they started in the previous generation.

With the past generation of PS4 and Xbox One already giving its last blows, and once inside the next-gen of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S (without forgetting Nintendo Switch, which is in the middle of its life cycle), it’s time to take stock of what they are the most influential video games for the industry of the last seven years.

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Each of these titles has already recorded its name in the history of video games, for one reason or another. Not all are the best in the generation of PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch; but yes they are the ones that have influenced the most in the present way of creating and playing video games.

The 10 most influential games of the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch generation (2013-2020)

GTA V / GTA Online – PS4, Xbox One and PC

It is a reality that Rockstar has turned the industry upside down with Grand Theft Auto V. It already did it in 2013 when it released the title for PS3 and Xbox 360 and the story repeated itself a year later with the versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The huge world of GTA V, its plot, its possibilities, feeling part of a whole, and above all the ability to live the same adventure from three points of view they made this delivery one of the best in the GTA saga.

And if GTA V was a boom, its multiplayer mode it is even more so. GTA Online keeps getting updates, with expansions, new cars, stages, challenges, and offering your community new ways to have fun with your friends. Rockstar has achieved with GTA Online (and therefore with Red Dead Online) what it did not achieve with GTA IV online: create a universe with millions of users playing day by day and that it has stayed alive, very much alive ever since, thanks to weekly updates.

PT – PS4

This terrifying demo devised by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro It was going to become Silent Hills for PS4, but the game was eventually canceled. Yet what we could live in PT. it was unforgettable; a first-person horror experience that today continues to sell for exorbitant amounts in certain online buying and selling portals … and some lucky ones still have it on their hard drive. Walking through the corridors of that gloomy house was an experience that marked a before and after, and created a style that has already been copied over and over again.

Its influence has been so brutal that even the rival franchise in the genre, resident Evil, adopted some skins for Resident Evil 7 and the upcoming Resident Evil 8 Village. Will we ever see the desired Silent Hills for PS5?

Overwatch – PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

The Blizzard Multiplayer IP It was a before and after in the multiplayer shooter genre. We thought we had seen it all, but Overwatch introduced us to their vast universe of heroes online, offering an addictive sea experience for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC players.

This multiplayer shooter was also one of the pioneers in including the controversial micropayments (pay real money to unlock content), which are the order of the day in the current multiplayer scenario, but that does not detract one iota of importance and quality from Overwatch, which is preparing for full integration with its sequel, Overwatch 2, whose beta will arrive in February 2021.

Destiny – PS4, Xbox One and PC

This Activision and Bungie shooter pioneered one of the most popular genres today: the looter-shooter. His online multiplayer experience kept millions of players glued to their controls for years, even today, with its sequel Destiny 2 that is available on consoles and PC, including upgraded version for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The creators of Halo gave us an intense and spectacular single player campaign, which could be shared online with two other friends, but extended its influence to other fields, from its online challenges in cooperative mode, the breadth of its scenarios, the micropayments, the abundant DLC and events, or the replayability of each mission to get better equipment. All while we feel like a Guardian with the mission of saving the Earth.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild – Nintendo Switch

Little can be said about Breath of the Wild that hasn’t already been said. This massive Nintendo Switch exclusive took open world gaming to a new level, taking the Zelda series to the top. It was a joy to see the breadth of hyrule while playing Breath of the Wild in the portable switch mode, but also see the mime and its artistic beauty on the hardware of the Nintendo console, or the hundreds of things that are there, to be discovered by the player without any clue.

Waiting to see what awaits us with its sequel, this Zelda title remains one of the best games in the Switch catalog, and an open world game that has served as inspiration to other games like the recent Immortal Fenyx Rising, and those that remain …

Fortnite – PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile

He fortnite phenomenon seems far from over, and it is that Epic games he tried his luck with this free proposal as a complement to the base game, a cooperative experience for four players, in which action and construction were central.

The proposal was to put 100 players on an island, and to eliminate each other while fleeing a deadly storm. Thus, in September 2017 the game was launched that revolutionized the concept of Battle royale, even if it was not the pioneer (honor that corresponds to PUBG).

Such has been his influence that even legendary multiplayer sagas, such as Call of Duty, adapted their formula this year with Warzone. When we talk about playing online, we talk about Fortnite. And we cannot forget his collaborations with licenses such as Star Wars, Marvel, The Walking Dead or Halo, concerts and events that have brought together millions of simultaneous players … Proof of his weight is that season 5 of chapter 2 began in December , and has neither more nor less than The Madalorian, the Disney + phenomenon, as the main skin.

Pokémon GO – iOS and Android

The pokemon saga It has always been one of the references within popular culture … but Pokémon GO raised it to a new level, much more massive and widespread. In the summer of 2016 “you were nobody” if you did not play this fun mobile title, whose main premise was to capture pokémon in real environments, as we moved in search of new creatures and areas. The dream of many came true.

Even people who had never tried a Pokémon game and older people have become hooked on this game, serving as a pretext for walking and taking walks. A formula that has been copied by other sagas such as Harry Potter or The Witcher. The title of Niantic it is still very much alive today, with a large community on iOS and Android, and it continues to break records for revenue and players even in a year like this, with limited mobility in much of the planet.

No Man’s Sky – PS4, Xbox One and PC

The expected game of Hello games It did not meet the high expectations when it was released in 2016 for PS4 and PC, but little by little and with a lot of effort from its creators it has been done a well-deserved gap among the most played titles online. The edition Beyond in physical format, constant updates, VR compatibility, multiplayer or its inclusion for Xbox One in Game Pass They have elevated No Man’s Sky to the top.

The premise of this title represents a turning point for the industry, creating a universe of planets (helped extend the concept of procedural or procedural) futuristic scenarios with multitude of creatures, allowing users to interact with them, farm, build and feel part of all of them. A clear example that any game can be redeemed and show a great image, as also happened with Star Wars Battlefront II.

Beat Saber – PS4

The virtual revolution came to consoles with PlayStation VR, and Beat Saber is one of the best games to take advantage of that technology, a vital source for the future of video games. Mixing the schemes a rhythm title with Star Wars lightsabers, this game puts us in a musical context in which we will have to cut blocks while we follow the rhythm of the music.

At the expense of knowing if Sony to launch a new VR device for PS5, this Beat Saber shows that this technology can achieve things that we never imagined in the video game industry, and that is why it deserves to be on this list.

Gone Home – PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Many may be surprised to see this 2013 title here, but it was a decisive game in laying the foundation for what has been called the “walking simulators“, games in which we walk through a closed environment, interacting with the objects that exist and discovering through them the story that is wanted to tell us. In this case, the return to the family home, to find that there is no trace of our beloved.

A concept, in which other fabulous narrative adventures have delved, such as What Remains of Edith Finch, and that have opened the door wide to other types of experiences, where the message and the way to get it to us are even more important than playable mechanics. For many it may not be relevant because of the type of game it is, but for others it marked a before and after.

Bonus track: Hollow Knight – PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

The gender metroidvania It was one of the most common in the days of SNES and Mega Drive, and while it is true that we saw a few good games on portable consoles like DS, its rebirth came with Hollow Knight. Mixing masterfully a gloomy setting a la Dark Souls With Ori-style gameplay, this wonderful indie game is quite a masterpiece with nostalgic flavor.

It is also a lesson for large studios, because in a video game it is not always important to be graphically pointer, but to fall in love with its difficulty, level design, art design, soundtrack and most of all, being fun. And Hollow Knight brings all this together, and also supposes everything a challenge.

What do you think The most influential games of the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch generation? Do you think they have sat some canons within the industry? Have certainly been seven years wonderful next to PS4 and Xbox One, and we still have a few with Nintendo Switch. We will see what surprises the new generation of Sony and Microsoft have in store for us with PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.