The 10 most ‘madest’ armors in video games.

Image: Nintendo

From 8-bit to the most modern consoles, video games have introduced us to hundreds of captivating characters and heroes who set out on epic adventures to tackle challenges that seemed impossible. At the time of let’s see, it makes all the difference to have a reliable armor and, preferably, an eye-popping design.

The 10 most ‘madest’ armors in video games

With that in mind, we’ve prepared this list with 10 of the most striking, cool or visually impressive armor that has ever appeared in video games. Everything goes from equippable items to the “factory” look of the characters, through heroes and villains. Check out our selection below!

Mega Man X

X gets even more powerful wearing his full armor!Source: Megaman Fandom

The 10 most ‘madest’ armors in video games

This entire list could easily be formed just by the different armor X wore during the main series, or even by the designs of other robotic enemies and allies, like the ever-loving Zero. But let’s stick to the first game simply for how shocking it was to discover that, in addition to the already amazing normal look, X could still unlock more powerful armor, one piece at a time.

Samus Aran’s Gravity Suit

The Gravity Suit is usually obtained after the Varia Suit in the series.Source: Pinterest

The 10 most ‘madest’ armors in video games

In yet another case of “we have a lot of good options to choose from”, Samus Aran’s wardrobe includes dozens of very powerful and beautiful armor. From the dark look of Dark Samus to the Fusion look made with Metroid DNA, the iconic heroine has had as many costumes as legendary adventures, but few looks are as striking and easily recognizable as the imposing Gravity Suit!

Big Daddy from Bioshock

Big Daddy’s design is so striking that it practically became the face of the franchiseSource: Pinterest

The 10 most ‘madest’ armors in video games

When the first Bioshock was released, the world marveled at the creativity of its creator Ken Levine. The sunken city of Rapture was filled with breathtaking locations, but also plenty of suspense and electrifying combat. Among all its elements, whoever played it knows that it’s hard to think of anything more striking than the Big Daddies, those super chunky armors that protect the Little Sisters with their own lives.

Master Chief

Master Chief goes beyond the Halo series and is Microsoft’s biggest mascotSource: Microsoft

The great Xbox mascot fulfills one of the main requirements expected by any character worth its salt: being easily recognizable thanks to its look. The tactical armor is pretty cool in its own right, but the helmet and visor are certainly high points of the outfit, and it’s not uncommon to see fans buying a replica helmet to embellish their bookshelves.

The 10 most ‘madest’ armors in video games

Skyrim’s Daedric Armor

Assembling and equipping the Daedric armor is very rewarding.Source: Elder Scrolls Fandom

As much as the gaming world has become somewhat saturated with Skyrim after several ports and re-releases, it is undeniable that the fifth chapter of The Elder Scrolls has set a new paradigm of quality for Western RPGs thanks to its robust systems and thousands of items and equipment to discover. It was difficult to choose one among so many armors, but the Daedric collection is especially cool for its connections to the franchise’s lore.

The Scorpion Suit from Dead Space

The Scorpion Level Engineering RIG is one of the coolest sci-fi armor in video gamesSource: Dead Space Fandom

The 10 most ‘madest’ armors in video games

Although the Dead Space franchise has been somewhat forgotten and with no recent releases, those who played it know that few space horror games have such a fun atmosphere and action mechanics. It gets even more irate when protagonist Isaac wears the Scorpion Level Engineering RIG, even sporting a very unique and eye-catching red visor.

Crysis Nano Suit

The protagonist of Crysis has one of the coolest and most versatile outfitsSource: Crytek

In addition to being a very competent and fun shooter, Crysis was originally released with the purpose of showing all the hardware power of video games. Of course, that meant creating a visually impressive world, weapons and enemies. By table, it was also necessary to have a protagonist with a badass look, a challenge that Crytek took literally by making an armor with all the looks of GI Joe.

Hammer Bros. suit by Super Mario Bros. 3

Among the various power ups of Super Mario Bros. 3, Hammer Suit is one of the coolestSource: Mario Wiki

The 10 most ‘madest’ armors in video games

Video games do not only live in dark and realistic armor, and those who already played during the late 80’s and early 90’s must remember well the impact that Mario’s third game had on Nintendinho. One of the best games in history, it featured a gigantic and unique adventure, with many creative power ups, even including armor right in line with Bowser’s army!

Judge Gabranth (and all Final Fantasy XII judges)

Who out there has the guts to face the Final Fantasy 12 judges?Source: Pinterest

From his first scene in Final Fantasy XII, it’s evident that Judge Gabranth is someone to be feared. His full-body armor doesn’t allow him to see his features, which makes him even more menacing, even conveying a certain Darth Vader vibe. To complete the package, the other judges also leave nothing to be desired in terms of cool armor!

The 10 most ‘madest’ armors in video games

Wolfenstein’s Power Suit

Finishing off the ___s is cool, but doing it in style is even better!Source: Steam Community

Amazing armor shouldn’t be the first thing that crosses your mind when thinking about World War II, but in Wolfenstein’s universe, killing ___s is something that can also be done in style. Consistent with the technological madness surrounding this alternate universe, hero BJ here wears a costume from the ancient mystical Da’at Yichud society and gains even more firepower!

And for you, what is the coolest armor that has appeared in games? Did you miss one on our list? Comment below!