The 11 best reality and talent shows you can watch on Netflix.

Not only series and movies live Netflix. In fact, on the Reed Hastings platform you can find a good handful of talent shows and reality shows that work like the perfect guilty pleasure to throw himself on the couch and get into flat encephalogram mode.

There are themes for all tastes: from crazy cooking shows fail to shows about pregnant women, houses or weddings. And, many of them, with editions made in different countries, so that we have a choice.

The 11 best reality and talent shows you can watch on Netflix

Although the one with the most fans is the multi-award-winning ‘RuPaul: Reinas del drag’ (‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’) –every time its participants perform in Spain they hang up the “no tickets” sign months before, the truth is that the The catalog of this type of program is vast. And each time more. We selected 11 reality shows and talent shows that you cannot miss because, for fans of this television format, there is life beyond the world Mediaset.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Every season (and it’s been 12), 14 drag queens compete for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar. Hosted by veteran RuPaul, who has won an Emmy Award for Best Host for this show three times, and with top-tier stars invited every week as jurors, we at Drag Race see both the hard work behind the discipline, as well as the friendships, fights and troubles between the participants.

The 11 best reality and talent shows you can watch on Netflix

And all, adorned with auditions of performance, dance, catwalk and the famous ‘lip-syncs’ final. In addition to its annual edition, there have been five ‘All Stars’ editions, where contestants from past editions repeat.

‘Queer eye’

Another of the most watched reality shows is this “makeover show”, that is, a makeover program. A team of five hilarious experts in fashion, beauty, culture, design and gastronomy, they manage, in each chapter, to give the looks (and the houses) of the participants a 180º turn. You have 4 seasons of the North American edition of and one of the Japanese one available.

The 11 best reality and talent shows you can watch on Netflix


Product of the success of ‘Nailed it!’, A show produced by Netflix USA in whose 3 seasons (and special Christmas editions) we can see how Pastry fans try to copy, some more successfully than others, the most spectacular desserts and complicated. The format has already been adapted in countries such as Mexico, France or Germany, and also in Spain.

At the moment ‘Niquelao’ only has one season, which presents the Alcorcón Earthquake, and has the pastry chef Christian Escribà as a jury. In it, novice bakers fight for a prize of 5,000 euros. It’s a kind of ‘MasterChef’ in reverse: we can’t wait for the contestants to screw it up.

The 11 best reality and talent shows you can watch on Netflix

‘Amazing houses’

The 12 episodes of this reality show will leave fans of interior design and gossips in general with their mouths open. Each one shows a house that, although on the outside it looks normal, on the inside it is crazy. An aquarium house (you can dive in it!), Another converted into a boat … the craziest house you can imagine already exists. And much worse.

‘Yummy mummies’

The Australian reality shows of Netflix would give themselves for a separate post. But, without a doubt, the most addictive is ‘Yummy Mummies’ which, in its two seasons, follow the lives of a group of pregnant women in the first installment and newly released mothers in the second.

They’re all mega-, they live in Melbourne and Adelaide, and their first world dramas they make us unable to take our eyes off the screen. With a format similar to ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, that is, with cameras that follow the protagonists in their day to day and subsequent statements from each of them, ‘Yummy mummies’ is, without a doubt, one of the programs funniest reality shows.

The 11 best reality and talent shows you can watch on Netflix

‘Next in fashion’

The model and it girl Alexa Chung and Tan France, the fashion expert from ‘Queer Eye’, who on this occasion emancipates himself from his team, present this newly released talent, similar to our ‘Masters of Sewing’.

Here, 18 designers are fighting for a prize of $ 250,000 and the possibility of selling their collection on the Net-à-porter website, the world’s leading luxury brand portal. Several of the most famous designers, such as Tommy Hilfiger or Prabal Gurung, act as judges in their (for now) first and only season.

‘Cheapest weddings’

Another television gem that comes from the antipodes is this reality show in which six couples have to plan their wedding on a meager budget. Despite all the complications that arise along the way, they have a single and clear objective: a celebration in style that costs them as little as possible.

The 11 best reality and talent shows you can watch on Netflix

‘Back with the ex’

Four couples who meet again and live together, reconsider whether breaking up was a good idea or they were rushed to quit. Comedy, drama, dirty laundry and a good dose of reality come together in this show, also Australian, which has 7 chapters of one hour each. Spoiler: not one of them is still together to this day.

‘To order with Marie Kondo!’

The Japanese Marie Kondo became world famous last year thanks to this reality show, in which she explains the Kon Mari home ordering method: everything that doesn’t make us happy should be thrown away. His show went viral in the weeks after it premiered, and months later he tried to spread the gum by selling a line of household products.

‘Sugar Rush’

Two seasons and a special edition of Christmas desserts are enough to crown ‘Sugar Rush’ as the king of pastry talents. It works like the perfect nemesis of ‘Niquelao’: here the participants (all renowned pastries, no amateurs) compete to make the most spectacular sweet, they take it very seriously and they do it against the clock.

‘Skin Wars’

Presented by Rebecca Romjin and with RuPaul this time as a jury, in this show, which already has three seasons, various body-painting professionals they compete in various events to win a prize of $ 100,000. It features a spin-off, ‘Skin Wars: fresh paint’, again with RuPaul (this time at the helm). Here, several artists face body-painting for the first time.

The 11 best reality and talent shows you can watch on Netflix