The 11 best-selling games in PS4 history.

Yesterday we took a tour of the 11 best-selling games in the history of Xbox One and now it is the turn of the Sony console. Like the Microsoft console, the Playstation 4 It appeared on the market in November 2013, and from the beginning it was able to place itself in the taste of consumers, especially Japan, where the Xbox One never really took off.

If we are based on console sales, the PlayStation 4 has been the undisputed leader in surpassing the barrier of 98 million units, while the Xbox One remains above 43 million units since its launch. For this reason, we will see how PS4 titles have more copies sold if we compare them with the Microsoft console.

The 11 best-selling games in PS4 history

So let’s see what they have been the 11 best-selling games in PS4 history, according to data from VGChartz, which is the only site that concentrates global sales in both physical and digital. Similarly, here we will find surprises such as the dominance of franchises such as ‘FIFA’ and the tremendous case of ‘Call of Duty’, which is a resounding success on both Xbox One and PS4.

‘FIFA 16’

The case of ‘FIFA’ is curious, since while on the Xbox One it goes almost completely unnoticed, on PS4 it is a phenomenon that sells millions. In the case of ‘FIFA 16’, it has sold so far 8.22 million copies only for Sony console. Among its novelties, ‘FIFA 16’ is known for having taken the leap and incorporating women’s football for the first time.

The 11 best-selling games in PS4 history

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‘Fallout 4’

One of the best open world games is what Bethesda gave us in 2015 with ‘Fallout 4’, a real gem that offered us a wide range of possibilities. ‘Fallout 4’ has sold 8.48 million copies for PS4.

The 11 best-selling games in PS4 history

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‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’

Frantic firefights, a multiplayer with enough options to extend its useful life and one of the best zombie modes in memory. This was ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’, the Activision installment that arrived in 2016 to blow our minds, which caused that today it has sold 8.48 million copies for Sony console.

The 11 best-selling games in PS4 history

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‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’

The first PS4 exclusive appears on the bestseller list. And yes, it is the best Spider-Man game ever made, period. The above is due to its magnificent graphics, its combat system and combos, as well as its history and development that is very well achieved. It is one of the few games that with only one year of life has managed to sneak into the best-selling PS4 thanks to its 8.76 million copies.

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The 11 best-selling games in PS4 history

‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’

‘Uncharted’ was already a very important saga, but when it came to PS4 it improved and surpassed everything we had seen. Nobody gave credit for what they had just experienced after finishing the game, and the fun was guaranteed. Naughty Dog entered the PS4 with force with ‘Uncharted 4: The Thief’s End’, so today it is still considered one of the essential jewels for the Sony console and its 10.33 million copies sold do not lie.

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‘FIFA 17’

Another year, another ‘FIFA’ and to continue selling like hotcakes. ‘FIFA 17’ has sold 10.94 million copies only for PS4, a madness for which at the time it was considered “the best FIFA” due to its graphic and technical changes, gameplay improvements, new exclusives such as the Spanish League, renewed game proposals and a remarkable soundtrack.

The 11 best-selling games in PS4 history

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‘FIFA 18’

‘FIFA 18’ arrived and sales were still there. EA achieved what seemed impossible, improve what was seen in ‘FIFA 17’, and that is more than an update, ‘FIFA 18’ became a palpable improvement with details that made the experience outstanding. In addition, the novelties in the game modes became an important part to add added value to the game. For these reasons, ‘FIFA 18’ has sold 11.80 million copies for PS4.

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‘Call of Duty: WWII’

That phenomenon called ‘Call of Duty’ continues with a firm step. ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ has sold on PS4 nothing more and nothing less than 13.40 million copies, and that’s despite launch criticism regarding glitches. Of course, this installment can boast of having one of the best multiplayer, a luxury campaign and options not to abandon it for months.

The 11 best-selling games in PS4 history

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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’

Rockstar’s latest gem was also a hit on PS4, where it has sold 13.94 million copies. And is that what we have here is an example of how to make games that are enjoyed both technically, playability and visual, a real joy with the seal of quality of Rockstar Games.

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The 11 best-selling games in PS4 history

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’

And this is an example of how sometimes reviews don’t affect game sales. ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’ has sold 15.09 million copies for PS4 since its launch in 2015, ranking as the best ‘COD’ according to fans, as this success was replicated on Xbox One, where it also ranks second as the best-selling video game on the console.

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‘Grand Theft Auto V’

And we come to the phenomenon of the last decade, ‘GTA V’ is a bomb that exploded in Rockstar’s face and splashed everyone by surprise, a game that due to its updates remains on the list of the most played worldwide. For this reason, since its launch in 2014, the PS4 has sold an impressive number of 19.39 million copies, putting it at the forefront of everything and far surpassing the rest of the competition.

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