The 12 biggest rumors about the iPhone 12.

Apple is going to launch new iPhone models this year and presumably the company will skip the “S” again this year and bet on naming its new devices “iPhone 12”, although this is something that could change. However there are other features of these iPhones that have already been leaked and that seem more than assured.

Waiting for whether or not the coronavirus delays the presentation of the iPhone 12, fixed as every year in the month of SeptemberThis year Apple will change the design of its new iPhones and will continue to improve the outstanding camera that already includes the current iPhone 11.

The 12 biggest rumors about the iPhone 12

The main novelties that will arrive with the iPhone 12

Here below we have summarized what are the 12 most important rumors that we have heard about the iPhone of this 2020.

New and renewed design

One of the first rumors about the iPhone 12 that we hear, apparently Apple will opt for a new design in the line of the iPad Pro and that will greatly remind us of the iPhone 4. This means that instead of having a rounded frame we will have a straight frame similar to that of the iPhone 4 and 5. In addition to this we could see a change in the notch, which could be hidden in the upper frame or reduced.

The 12 biggest rumors about the iPhone 12

Four different models

An important change as Apple will fully expand its range of iPhones to reach more users. The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 have proven to be great devices that garner big sales, and Apple is going to improve its offering to reach more users this year. Everything indicates that we will see 4 new screen sizes on the iPhone 12 which would be the following:

  • iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch screen.
  • iPhone 12 with 6.1-inch screen.
  • iPhone 12 Pro with 6.1-inch screen.
  • iPhone 12 Pro with 6.7-inch screen

OLED screens for everyone

It seems that Apple is going to make the definitive leap to OLED technology this year and all 4 iPhone 12 models will have this type of panel. Of course, it is to be expected that the Pro models will continue to position themselves ahead with a panel of higher quality and resolution.

The 12 biggest rumors about the iPhone 12

New camera system up to 64 MP

One of the last rumors we have heard. Apple continues to want to improve the cameras of its iPhone and the new models will continue the trend set by the iPhone 11. The main sensor could increase up to 64 MP, the sensors will be larger and a fourth ToF camera will arrive to measure the depth.

Unmatched power with the A14 processor

A benchmark of the iPhone 12 processor has already been leaked and the results are simply spectacular. Apple will once again have the best mobile processor in the world with unparalleled power and that will exceed, for the first time in a mobile device, the 3 GHz frequency. A real madness that could be very important in the new augmented reality functions.

The 12 biggest rumors about the iPhone 12

6GB of RAM

iOS has always managed RAM very well, but it seems that this year we will see a slight increase going from the current 4 GB to 6 GB. Rumors indicate that at least the Pro models will have this memory configuration.

New short-range Wi-Fi technology

It seems that all iPhone 12 models would include a new WiFi specification, 802.11ay, which is currently in the development phase. 802.11a Wi-Fi uses a 60 GHz spectrum, very separate from the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands used in the router that we all have at home, to offer high-bandwidth data transfer between devices.

More battery

Another of the last minute rumors and with which we are all delighted, it seems that Apple will continue, improving the battery of the new iPhone 12 after the great jump that the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro have made this year. The iPhone 12 Pro Max could go up to 4400 mAh battery.

The 12 biggest rumors about the iPhone 12

Renewed TrueDepth camera

The notch can only be removed if Apple succeeds reduce the size of the TrueDepth front camera system, and it seems that the company is going to achieve it this year with the iPhone 12. We do not know exactly how but rumors indicate that Apple will be able to hide the notch or even eliminate it this year.

Red color available

The color red has been a regular in the iPhone range for several years, however the more Pro models of the last three years, the iPhone X, XS and 11 Pro, have not had this color available, which has been reserved for the rest of the range. Nevertheless this year the iPhone 12 Pro could also arrive in the color red so characteristic of Product (RED).

The expected 5G

5G is a technology more of the future than of the present, but it is true that the iPhone are designed to last and maybe this year Apple include the latest 5G technology From the market. In theory, the 4 iPhone 12 models would be compatible with this technology, although rumors are still not agreed and it is possible that only the Pro models will finally be compatible with 5G.

The 12 biggest rumors about the iPhone 12

iOS 14 with important news

Many news about iOS 14 have been leaked and many more will come exclusively for the new iPhone 12. A new home screen is expected in the form of a list and an application dedicated to augmented reality That could have a lot to do with the new iPhone 12 camera system.

We already know a lot about this year’s iPhone 12, although unlike others we still do not have leaked diagrams or renders of the possible design, everything is speculation. Let’s hope that Apple’s plans go ahead and the launch of the iPhone 12 is still scheduled for the month of September.