There are many apps to manage our photos, but none is as used on our iPhone as the Photos app on iOS. Although there are many other good options to manage our gallery in the App Store, Apple’s native app offers simplicity and an increasing number of functionalities that more than satisfy most of the needs of iPhone users.

iOS 14 has continued to improve it, and despite not having suffered the huge amount of news that iOS 13 brought, the new version of Apple’s mobile system has not been short on news for Photos either. Are you interested? Keep reading and we will tell you 13 new features of the Photos app that you can’t miss.

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13- Take a look at your photos from the app widget

With the advent of new widgets on the home screen of our iPhone, thanks to the Photos app, we have up to three sizes to view our favorite photos at a glance.

Photos widget iOS 14

12- Your photos will remain selected after sharing

This detail may have gone unnoticed to your perception, but until now, when we selected several images and displayed the share menu to transfer them by AirDrop or share them on a social network, after performing the action they were automatically deselected.

Now with iOS 14 our images will remain selected after sharing or performing actions on them, without forcing us to have to select them again.

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Export photos without deselecting iOS 14

11- Keep control of your photos in detail

An interesting improvement in privacy regarding Photos that iOS 14 has brought is greater control over the images that we allow access to third-party apps.

After the update, the apps that require access to our photos will ask us what type of access we want to allow: not allow access, allow access to all photos and the new option that offers us the possibility of giving access only to some of our photos. captures. Selecting the option Select photos … Our reel will be displayed and we will be able to select which photos we exclusively allow the app to access.

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Photos permissions iOS 14

10- Messages shows us how many images we can share at the same time.

The iOS Messages app allows us, like all messaging apps, to share images through their chats. However, it has a limitation that reduces each image load to 20, having to share in the case of more than 20 in different loads.

Until iOS 13, the app allowed you to select the images without the user knowing how many they had, and when the limit was reached, it did not allow to select more. iOS 14 adds a counter at the bottom of the screen, which will indicate how many images we have selected in addition to allowing us to quickly see what they are.

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Select Photos Messages iOS 14

9- Share images much faster

Continuing with improvements to the Photos app that affect other apps, we find a new interface when sharing images, for example in the Messages app.

In addition to this redesign, the most interesting thing is the image search bar that has been added to this section, now offering the possibility of searching the image that interests us by keywords, avoiding the tedium of having to go through our entire gallery in search of the image we want to share.

Search by photo name iOS 14

8- Add a caption to your captures

iOS 14 offers in the Photos app the possibility of adding caption comments to our captures. In addition, it does it in a very simple and comfortable way, because we only have to slide the image up so that the text box appears where we can write what we want.

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This utility is not only applied to images, as we can also add comments to our video clips.

Caption iOS 14

7- Smoother Live Photos thanks to automatic stabilization

An interesting improvement of iOS 14 for Live Photos (yes, they still exist) is the stabilization that is applied when displaying them, creating a smoother reproduction sensation than what we were used to.

6- Create presentations from any album

Do you love showing your vacation photos to your friends and family? Then you will love this new feature of the photos app.

Photos in iOS 14 allows us to create a presentation of images of any album that we want to show, and even select the speed, the music or the type of transition between scenes.

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Slideshow iOS 14

5- Also create memories of your favorite albums

Until now, it was the iPhone itself that was in charge of creating memories that it considered we could be interested in recalling over time through photos selected by particular dates or locations.

iOS 14 takes this option a step further, now allowing us to create memories of the albums of our choice. As with presentations, we simply have to enter the album of our interest, press the share button and select Play Memories Movie.

Memories iOS 14

4- Preview your photos in their original aspect ratio

By tradition, the iPhone reel has always shown us the previews of our photos in square, regardless of the size in which we viewed them.

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With iOS 14 we can finally select to be able to see our captures in an original aspect ratio. We just have to click inside an album on the three points that we will find in the upper right corner and select the option Ratio grid.

Proportion Grid iOS 14

3- Zoom out and zoom in on your images simply by pinching

Although this option was already available in past versions, it simply served us to enlarge or reduce the thumbnails of our images. Now, if we pinch the maximum we will access the image in question on which we are doing it, we will not only enlarge its thumbnail, until we can view it in full size.

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Extend iOS 14 Preview

2- Sort your albums

If your photo library is in chaos, don’t worry, iOS 14 has come to help you. Now, by clicking on the three points in the upper right corner that we will find within any album we will have at our disposal a new option called Order that will allow us to organize the captures of that album by a personalized Order, From old to new or From new to old.

Sort albums iOS 14

1- Filter your photos

To accompany the new order option in the albums, iOS 14 also offers the possibility of filtering our captures by Favorites, Edited, Photos and Videos. As with the Sort option, we only have to go within the album of our choice to the three points in the upper right corner and click on the option Filter.

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Filters iOS 14 Photos

iOS 14 has brought a lot of news to the Photos app, and you will have to know them all if you want to get the most out of your image gallery.

Source : Techradar