We are in an atypical year from all points of view and this is noticeable when reviewing the highlights of the year. The comic book is no exception with many new features postponed by COVID-19 and the mandatory closure of bookstores, establishments which are now reopening.

Even with all of these unforeseen obstacles, by 2020 we have already been able to enjoy some vignette gems. Today we want to highlight the fourteen best comics and graphic novels which have been published in Spain so far.

«Lost Bullets 6: Assassins» de David Lapham

New volume of unpublished material from “Balas perdidas” and new jewel that we have in our hands, friends. An adventure of the protagonists towards the darkest of the human condition in a comic book that jumps in time but does not interfere with an excellent read that deserves all the attention and all our compliments.

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“The beautiful death”, by Matthieu Bablet

The beautiful death

It took me a little longer than I would have liked but I finally got the chance to get your hands on this wonderful comic apocalyptic which is splendid in the visual without leaving out an energetic script. Of course, what to expect from the author of ‘Shangri-la,’ one of the best comics of 2017.

Bowie de Steve Horton et Michael Allred


One of the first surprises of the year comes from the hand of Allred, which as always participates in a comic book, gives an additional magic point to the good scenario. A comic that ranks among the best flea biographies that can be enjoyed today.

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“The Curious Bookstore”, by Shinsuke Yoshitake

Curious library

A beautiful tome that navigates between comics and comics. For those of us who have spent hours and hours browsing bookstores and libraries, Shinsuke Yoshitake will bring more than a smile to us in this volume that, while great for kids, we can enjoy. adults.

«Dynasty of X / Powers of X», par Jonathan Hickman et al.

Couverture Dynasty X

Now that he’s finished editing in Spain, it’s time to recommend this work. After a prolonged absence after having performed the monumental “Secret Wars”, Jonathan Hickman breaks the molds of what has been done so far with the X-Men with the doublet “Dynasty of X” (“House of X”) and “Powers of X” (“Powers of X”). These two parallel mini-series herald a promising new era for the mutant franchise. A joy full of fascinating and new concepts that has a perfect design by Pepe Larraz.

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“Harleen” by Stjepan Šejić


As usual, the arrival of theaters in a superhero movie brings with it a new comic book about the character. This time within the “adult” Black Label collection, DC began to edit a nice (especially in the drawing) origin of Harley Quinn. Even if in my heart “Crazy love” will always be the reference of the character, it must be recognized that this reinvention is very pleasant.

“The human”, by Diego Agrimbau and Lucas Varela

Lucas Varela and Diego Agrimbau the human blanket

While the plot isn’t particularly striking (an android who wakes up on a planet to explore without knowing what his mission is), Argentines Agrimbau and Varela manage to get out of this comic one of the most interesting reads yet in 2020. Mainly because of the way they deal with elements of sci-fi and play with the genre on the verge of perfection.

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“Together in this”, by Blanca Vázquez

Advice on this

Minimalist, but not for this reason empty of intensity and deep moments, the beginning of the cacereña Blanca Vázquez is a stimulating reflection on abortion and the taboo that reigns there. Encouraging, in large part, because of the way the author uses comic book language to make every page smell fresh, unusual.

“Black water lilies”, by Didier Cassegrain and Fred Duval

Black water lilies

Awesome adaptation of the novel by Michel Bussi which, in turn, is inspired by the work of Monet. A fascinating black with a splendid and delicate design, which transports us fluidly through a story that works like a clock.

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“Lost in the Hereafter”, by Ramón Boldú

Lost in the messala

Boldú begins to undertake his particular and somewhat fictional autobiography dating back to 2003 and making us discover a new love after his second divorce, a time when he will devote himself to painting the Garden of Earthly Delights of El Bosco on the walls of a couples exchange club. A funny comic, with moments as rare as they are funny.

“The Grimr saga”, by Jérémie Moreau

The Grimr saga

This award-winning comic (which triumphed in Angoulême a few years ago) tells the moving and moving story of a young Icelandic orphan as he struggles to survive in a monumental portrait that catapults its author onto the list of designers to follow very close.

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«Spiderman: A Lifetime», par Chip Zdarsky et Mark Bagley

Sm Life Story Comicverso01

Chip Zdarsky takes on a huge task in one of the most brilliant climbing comics of years. And that we are doing some very good steps so far this century. With Mark Bagley’s consistently effective design, we find a simple and at the same time extremely complex premise: What if Peter Parker (and his world) had aged in real time? in a reinvention of the character’s story with a lot of feel and an incredible script.

“Strange planet. A Strange Planet ‘by Nathan W. Pyle

Strange planet

One of the great examples of webcomics that manage to reach our borders on paper is this bizarre and at the same time sensational exercise in exploring an alien society. Shades of pink, purple and blue will take us into this hilarious comic book.

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“Tamara de Lempicka”, by Virginie Grenier and Daphne Collignon

Tamara Lempicka

A small European comic but intense and beautiful in equal parts which reviews part of the life of artist Tamara de Lempicka in her search for a model for her nudes. A comic strip that infuses this Parisian avant-garde as a refuge and inspiration for artists in a work through the overwhelming personality of the protagonist.

Updated June 2020 with new comics

Source : Engadget