May was going to be spectacular on PS4 thanks to The Last of Us: Part II, one of the most anticipated releases of 2020, but Sony has given us the sad news of its delay indefinitely. And that is why may not be so good anymore.

That doesn’t mean that no further builds will be requested, as we’ll see below, but that doesn’t mean many don’t rely on remastering or late conversions. So we start the video game review to be released in May with those who will see the light of day on PS4 this month in physical and digital.

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Empty bastards

Responsible for Jonathan Chey’s new studio, who was involved in the first BioShock at Irrational Games and its predecessor, System shock 2, we were surprised by his horny and peculiar style of roguelite Void Bastards, where the immensity of its space in its most agonizing and cruel version caught our attention.


  • When: May 21
  • Where: PS4
  • How much: 29.99 euros (free, in theory, for those who have it in VR)
  • Exclusive? No, this VR-free version will be released on Steam, Switch and Xbox One
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No, we are not mistaken: we know that The Persistence was released in 2018 on PS4 … but exclusive to PlayStation VR. And is that its creators, Firesprite, recently announced a version before which Virtual reality glasses will not be mandatory so that many more people can enjoy / suffer this horror experience studded with roguelike elements. And in 4K on PS4 Pro.


  • When: May 22
  • Where: PS4
  • How much: 34.99 euros
  • Exclusive? No, it will release the same day on Xbox One and Epic Games Store.

Imagine you are the shark from Steven Spielberg’s iconic film and have a whole (free) world at your disposal, in a game that mixes action and role with lots of blood through very explicit deaths. Would you like to cut yourself? Certainly not. You would go for all. And that’s exactly what it offers Maneater, with Tripwire Interactive (Slaughter area) as the publisher of this cutting edge game.

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Saints Row: The Third – Remastered

  • When: May 22
  • Where: PS4
  • How much: 39.99 euros
  • Exclusive? No, it will be released at the same time on Xbox One and Epic Games Store

In the absence of a new Saints Row, we don’t like the idea of ​​returning to Saints Row: The Third (ignoring its lousy conversion to Switch in 2019) through this remaster that seems to make better use of the power of current systems. Of course, it will come with all of its expansions and DLC.

The Wonderful 101 Remastered

  • When: May 22
  • Where: PS4
  • How much: 39.99 euros
  • Exclusive? No, it debuted on Wii U and will be released on Steam and Switch.
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The Wonderful 101 is, along with Pikmin 3, one of the the best strategy gems released on Wii U. Two similar proposals, but in very different styles, which delighted fans of this genre. As a result, his media campaign on KickStarter was a resounding success. Now is the time to jump into the systems of the moment and attract more people. And with the PlatinumGames seal.

Minecraft dungeons

As if it were a Riverbond with more possibilities, the popular Minecraft will switch to action-RPG more accessible with Minecraft Dungeons, a game where we can come together with three other colleagues get lost in its multiple dungeons. A devil for all audiences, in short. And it’s good.

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  • When: May 28
  • Where: digital (PS4)
  • How much: to be confirmed (14.99 euros in Epic Games Store)
  • Exclusive? No, it will be released on PC, Switch and Xbox One at the same time.

What if Stardew Valley and Fallout had a baby? Well something like Atomicrops, an apocalyptic craze with the label Raw Fury which debuted last year on Early Access for PC with good intentions. And it’s like running a farm killing enemies for use them as fertilizer it’s not easy to digest.

Ion Fury

  • When: May 28
  • Where: PS4
  • How much: 19.99 euros
  • Exclusive? No, it debuted on Steam and will be released on Nintendo Switch.
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Originally known as Ion Maiden, until the Iron Maiden itself pursues the 3D realms, Ion Fury it’s a love letter to Duke Nukem 3D. Unsurprisingly, this Voidpoint work is sponsored by 3D Realms and uses a newer version of the engine for this absolute classic from 1996. Big game.

PS4 release from May 1 to 31, 2020

Here is a list with all games are coming to PS4 Throughout the month of May, either physically (in bold) or numerically. And with your date next.

  • Arcade spirits (05/01)
  • John Wick Hex (05/05)
  • Void Bastards (05/07)
  • Fury Unleashed (05/08)
  • SuperMash (05/08)
  • Star Wars Episode I: Racer (05/12)
  • VirtuaVerse (Steam) (05/12)
  • Super Mega Baseball 3 (05/13)
  • Super Kickers League Ultimate (15/05)
  • Play golf with your friends (05/19)
  • Persistence (21/05)
  • Maneater (22/05)
  • Monster (22/05)
  • Saints Row: The Third – Remastered (22/05)
  • The Wonderful 101 Remastered (22/05)
  • Minecraft dungeons (05/26)
  • Atomicrops (05/28)
  • Ion Fury (28/05)
  • Shantae and the Seven Sirens (05/28)
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As each week new dates are confirmed (and many more are changed), we recommend that you read our Google calendar (iCal | HTML), where we update all games instantly every day, specifying whether they are released physically or digitally. If you miss it, leave it in the comments.

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