The 3, the number to which the sagas have allergies.

When we love a game we always expect a sequel, when on top of that that sequel is better than the original we want a third part … although these for some reason never see the light of day, people wait for them, they feel like it, but the saga you have an allergy. These are the sagas with the most desired No. 3

Saga: Rfactor

Rfactor, the best PC car simulator … at least at the time of writing this article, people are still creating mods for their first part, and the results are a little weird, although the graphics have been improving compared to the first mods the engine Rfactor ran out of power a long time ago so they took out Rfactor 2; which is advisable not to say it out loud in a community of moders if you do not want to be bitten. Something went wrong, very wrong and Rfactor 2 it was not so successful among the moders; what if Rfactor no mods, no game. So I hope they believe Rfactor 3 and this time with success

The 3, the number to which the sagas have allergies

Saga: Portal

With Half life 2 and Team Fortress 2 I was Portal in the Orange box, a very unfair competition for a totally new saga, and yet Glados and his portal gun made everyone who played it fall in love, people took maps as if there was no tomorrow Then came out Portal 2 with Co-op and many improvements both graphics and gameplay (gel, light bridges) it was a game made with a lot of love, it feels more “serious” than the 1. And for now Glados He can’t think of more sour jokes for a third, although for now people will create more test rooms to see if they brighten their day and come back

Saga: Darksiders

Darksiders, a saga in which we play with the horsemen of the apocalypse, which are 4, if there are only 2 Darksiders the accounts do not come out. A saga with a high quality and that combines the great playability of several sagas in a wonderful way (Zelda, God of War, role-playing games, etc.) with a quite entertaining story, in addition to one of the best soundtracks in a video game, it has it everything to succeed, although the poor Vigil Games It has not given her so much success to stay alive and continue with her saga, so let’s hope someone picks up the baton from Vigil and make the rest of the horsemen ride

The 3, the number to which the sagas have allergies

Saga: Sonic Adventure

Why deny the obvious, Sega he was having a hard time regaining the fans’ faith in Sonic, after Colors, Lost world and Generations people were gradually regaining their faith … until a couple of days ago when Sonic has done BOOM and has released a game with comparisons to Sonic 2006, and if they compare you to a Beta you have done something terribly wrong, and that is not forgotten. So now would be a good time for Sega to hit the emergency button that says “Sonic adventure 3“And pray not to screw it up and put Sonic in his place

Saga: Left 4 Dead

The saga Left 4 Dead or as Valve got tired of seeing zombies in horror games and decided to make one full of them. Are you scared of a zombie? Well imagine 400 of them in a room; nothing happens, 100 zombies each player for that you are 4 survivors. People keep getting a lot of maps for one and two, but the 8 survivors that we use will be getting tired and if we do not replace them, they will still get bored of killing Zombies and dedicate themselves to giving first aid classes, for example

The 3, the number to which the sagas have allergies

Saga: Half life (OH how unexpected)

Why deny it Valve It has reached what it is now thanks to Half-Life, it is the FPS game par excellence and the graphics engine used in the two, source, continues to give people talking. After taking out Half-life 2 their episodes were taken which were going to be 3 … but it is Valve and all 3 give them allergies, too much. It seems that Gordon Freeman he’s going to keep taking a vacation until Valve cures his allergy

Saga: Need For Speed ​​Underground

When Need for speed gave him to get a game of Tuning sounded really weird at first, though eventually Need for speed is most remembered for her games of Tuning (from underground to carbon) than for all the games in the series. Underground was the game that started the Tuning and in the second part the amount of options in terms of modifications was such that it is practically impossible to see two games with even similar cars. But it seems that at the moment the need for speed has been reduced a bit and now with going to 120 on a highway people are satisfied

The 3, the number to which the sagas have allergies