In recent years, the tendency to have specially equipped officesBy creating a unique place to work or play, it has grown considerably. This trend is known as “battle”, referring to a “battle station”, although there are also those who call it “configuration”, ie when the assembly of various components in a room has already taken place, and not just for a computer in his office.

Thanks to social networks, especially Instagram, this trend has become very popular. In fact, on Xataka’s Instagram we started sharing setup photos and were surprised to see the response overwhelming. From there we started to receive messages from xatakeros who sent us pictures of their “Configurations” and “combat stations”, this for us to share in our profile.

Now in the middle of summer we are at the right time to consider the mission to change our office, or at least welcome and make beautiful the one we have. The key here is not to invest thousands of dollars, but in good taste and the goal we pursue, which can range from just hiding cables, to modifying our entire room. Here, the decision is up to everyone.

Therefore, we decided to make a compilation of the best “setups” and “battlestations” on our Instagram, this with the aim that they are inspired and can adopt a design or an element for their offices, going from zen to saturated, passing through all kinds of configurations and themes.

And for those who wish to share the design of their “battle stations”, they can do so either by tagging us in their Instagram posts or by sending us a message with the photos.

The beauty and purity of white color is best when mixed with minimalism

LED lights can always help

Fighting stations for couples are becoming a trend

Lighting is essential, especially if we have the space to enjoy it

The RGB that never fails

No battle has a fight with the times of the year

Take advantage of wireless components

But if we can’t get rid of the cables, you can be creative … very creative

Any space is good to set up a workstation that meets our needs

If we have enough budget, we can always choose to be extravagant

In fact, we sometimes forget that television can be a beautiful monitor.

Sometimes our battle doesn’t need a lot, just a good view of the outside world

Others have shown that sometimes you don’t even need a computer to have a battle

And those who never have enough screen

But one of the keys is knowing how to combine everything. Think about a theme

Although there are those who remain convinced that the classics are always the best

And those who prefer a playroom to a battle

There are even some with several vertical screens, idea of ​​streaming

The thing to remember is that any space is good to mount a good battle

Although there will always be people who have plenty of space and want to leave us speechless

Gray hues with wood accents for a sleek and easy setup

There will always be those who opt for the minimum and portability, but without neglecting elegance.

White is always a hit

Nobody said that configurations should be reserved for players, here the example of a musician

But always the best thing will be to have a complete room to make our den

Well if we don’t have a room we can be creative with what we have

In the end, the idea is to do what we want

Source : Engadget