The 39 most spectacular levels (with codes) of ‘Super Mario Maker 2’.

Nintendo did it again, since just over a month after the launch of ‘Super Mario Maker 2’, the community of has been in charge of making it a success by surpassing the figure of 4 million levels created. This means that the players – and their creativity – are making it an obsession. And if we add to this that Nintendo has just increased the number of levels to share per user, from 32 to 64, then it means that we have ‘Mario Maker’ for a while.

For this reason, today we will take a tour of some of the most spectacular levels of ‘Super Mario Maker 2’, ranging from those that seem impossible to overcome, those that are extremely well created, to those that we do not need to do absolutely anything, just enjoy the landscape while we imagine how the h**l did they do it?

The 39 most spectacular levels (with codes) of ‘Super Mario Maker 2’

Mario’s first level with a twist

To start we have the ‘1-1 with a tiny twist’, which is neither more nor less than the first level ‘Super Mario Bros.’ to which some changes have been made to become a nightmare worthy of someone without a heart.

The 10 most popular levels

Well, these were the first ten levels that achieved high levels of popularity in ‘Super Mario Maker 2’, where some stand out for their complexity, others for their ingenuity and some more for their ability to catch us and make us release a smile or a ‘ Wow! ‘

The 39 most spectacular levels (with codes) of ‘Super Mario Maker 2’
  • Celestial Sprint Speedrun: 7N1-MVB-WKF
  • Locked Door and 5 Warp Pipes: QY6-1Q8-21H
  • Table Tennis in SMM2 !: 55S-BS4-Y1G
  • Pipe Problems: QMW-X37-CQG
  • Snowy Slide: R8R-RV9-PJG
  • Rhythm Challenge – Gourmet Race: 550-D3S-2HF
  • Remote Control Master: M0N-1K0-2LF
  • 20 Seconds – Thwomp Temple Run: 550-JR7-WVF
  • Super Castlevania Bros .: 5WW-0MF-TMF
  • Simple Unreversed Speedrun: 3JL-GP7-P4G

Five levels for experts

If you are one of those who believes that you are a true ‘Super Mario’ expert, the best thing to do is to demonstrate, and test, our abilities at these levels that become true survival tests.

  • A Spintastical Adventure: 533-21S-LGF
  • Diminutive Paralellipipeds: C8D-4Q6-3NF
  • My Friend Koopa: 5RK-4C5-8JF
  • Flan the Flames Tame the Freeze: FR3-4L7-GMG
  • Enter the THOWER: 1YY-DT7-RGF

20 levels in automatic that leave us with our mouths open

Of the levels that we can find most in ‘Super Mario Maker 2’ are the so-called “Auto-Mario”, where we do not need to do absolutely anything, other than unleash a chain reaction and admire the great work of its creator.

The 39 most spectacular levels (with codes) of ‘Super Mario Maker 2’
  • Auto-Mario HOPE: QH9-QBJ-8DF
  • Auto-Mario: TF7-J1W-2WG
  • Don’t Move: K17-JX983G
  • Risky Ride: 3JV-B3N-HXG
  • Don’t Move Mario Upgrade: SQG-R4G-1SF
  • Mario Kart 2: 91R-Y52-MVG
  • Automatic: 3VM-2LQ-12H
  • Automatic Mario Kart: 978-2XN-RMG
  • Don’t Move 1: 3VF-YMM-H9G
  • Automatic: 5TL-0HV-D1H

The advantage of these levels is that we do not need to be experts in ‘Super Mario’, in fact, nothing needs to be done, with some exceptions where they ask us to run. Thanks to this, and that everything is done automatically, we can enjoy a great show where it might even seem that we are true experts at playing.

  • Only Run !: Y5N-5TN-4GG
  • Don’t Move 1: R45-RNS-92G
  • Don’t Move; Swanky Snow Space !: 308-9T4-XLF
  • Auto-Mario HOPE: T13-YT5-DMF
  • The Auto Castle (Don’t Move): 174-W8F-DXF
  • Winter is Here (Auto): CQR-62L-RKG
  • Automatic Level (Don’t Move!): QGL-M2F-NXF
  • Auto-Mario Level: 13N-NBB-LKG
  • Don’t Move (Sky Mayhem): K3V-P6P-0GG

Super Meat Bros. Forever

Inspired by ‘Super Meat Boy Forever’, the creator of this level took the best of that great independent game and transferred it to the Mario universe, where of course that characteristic difficulty is maintained, which makes it almost impossible.

The 39 most spectacular levels (with codes) of ‘Super Mario Maker 2’

The classic PONG in ‘Super Mario Maker 2’

This is a clear example of creativity, since using various tools within the editor of ‘Super Mario Maker 2’ has managed to create a kind of PONG where it is possible to play.

The hardest level in ‘Super Mario Maker 2’?

It’s called ‘Pit of PePanga: DieVine Garden’ and it claims to be the hardest level for ‘Super Mario Maker 2’, something that is difficult to confirm due to the number of levels out there right now. What is a fact, is that it is a real madness.