The 40 hidden news from iOS 14 that you didn’t know

Apple presented us yesterday at the WWDC20 keynote, held online from various locations in Apple Park, new operating systems, including iOS 14. This is one of the most important developments since some time: finally the home screen undergoes a change And now we have new interactive widgets that can occupy the space of various icons.

However, Apple’s speech was very quick and the company barely had time to present a handful of all the news that comes with the new iPhone operating system, which you can already install if you want. For this reason, we offer you today a list of all those hidden improvements to iOS 14 that Apple didn’t show yesterday.

News from iOS 14 gone unnoticed

Some of these new features are pretty cool, others are simpler, but not all of them were available in iOS 13.

  • Some default applications can be changed. You can choose the email or browser application you want to use.
  • Integrated translator in Safari. At the top, where two letters “A” appear, you can press to translate the web.
  • Third party accessories in the search app. We can find any object from one place.
  • Subscriptions to family apps. In iOS 14, we can share subscriptions to certain apps with our family.
  • Keyboard with emoji search. We have more and more emojis, and now finding them will be much easier in iOS 14.

IOS 14 emoji keyboard

  • More privacy in photos. When an application wishes to access the photos, we can choose to access only certain photos and not the entire photo library.
  • Music app redesign. The musical application has changed slightly and the recommendations are now more important.
  • Applications with widgets: Shortcuts, battery, bag, calendar, fitness, photos, cards, music, notes, podcast, reminders, Siri suggestions, time and hour of use.
  • Siri is now able to find better answers analyze the web, and it has a new interface.
  • Safari offers privacy report so that users can easily see which cross-site trackers have been blocked and analyze our passwords.
  • New less intrusive call interface. Something that we have been asking for years, calls are now displayed with a notification and not in full screen.

call iOS 14

  • Health now has new options to control sleep. This is one of the new features in watchOS 7.
  • Various accessibility improvements like Headphone Fit and VoiceOver, the industry’s leading screen reader for the blind who now automatically recognizes what is displayed visually on the screen.
  • Microphone and camera access indicator. Now at the top, a small green dot appears if an application accesses the camera and orange if it accesses the microphone.

iOS 14 camera indicator

  • Much faster camera. The camera opens faster in iOS 14.
  • AirPods Low Battery Notification. If the battery of the AirPods or the case is low, a small notification appears.
  • QuickTake arrives on iPhone XR and XS. It was an exclusive feature of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and now it reaches more devices.
  • Night mode has also been improved. Apple seems to have improved stability to take better pictures at night.
  • New camera settings. We now have a new exposure setting and we can simulate a mirror effect on selfies.
  • Picture in picture for FaceTime. Picture in Picture finally reaches the iPhone and lets us see a floating video in the background, and it also works with FaceTime calls.
  • The cycling route in Maps shows you the altitude. Apple maps now offer very detailed cycling routes.

IOS 14 bike

  • Support for APFS file format. Apple’s file system is now fully compatible with the Files application.
  • Applications in alphabetical order in the application library. The application library is a new way to display our applications in order, and we can also display them in alphabetical order by clicking on Search.
  • Stack of smart widgets. The widgets of iOS 14 are smart and we can create a stack with several of them that will alternate throughout the day according to our tastes.
  • Topics and mentions in message groups. Two functions that will allow us to better navigate our conversations.
  • City Guides on Apple Maps. Apple Maps now includes guides to the city or iconic places that we can view offline.
  • The weather now has a graph of precipitation for the next hour minute by minute.
  • Sound enhancements in the Voice Memos app. The sound recording application is now able to camouflage background sound.
  • Edit start pages. When you enter the edit mode of the home screen, if we click on the points below, we can modify the pages of the application and move them.

iOS 14 pages

  • FaceTime can now recognize when someone is using sign language and highlight it during a group call.
  • Flip cases now lock or unlock iPhone when closing or opening.
  • Double tap function the back of the iPhone, an accessibility setting for accessing user interface elements such as home, multitasking, notification center, Siri, taking a screenshot and more. He is buried in the menu Adjustments

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