The 5 best headphones for less than 50 euros for PS4.

Continuing with the line of previous articles, today we are going to recommend the main headphones for PlayStation 4 for less affluent gamers, where all will be below the limit figure of 50 euros. It is one of the most complicated choices, since the budget is minimal, but we look for the best possible performance/price ratio and the best qualities/characteristics. Who will be the 5 best models?

Price in these cases is the most limiting factor.

The psychological barrier of exceeding 50 euros means that finding gaming headphones below that figure makes an already complicated search difficult. In this range, there are a lot of headphones from well-known brands and new brands that are trying to make their way.

The 5 best headphones for less than 50 euros for PS4

The problem is that in this price range there are many headphones that are of low quality but include a very striking aesthetic to attract the buyer, which does not happen in headphones of 100,150 or 200 euros, mainly because the competition remains the same. but the development in R&D to cajole customers is by no means equivalent.

This acts as a natural filter for the high ranges, but in the low ranges everything is mixed and possibly a user who does not have enough knowledge ends up getting lost and buying something that is not to their liking. For this reason and to ensure the purchase, we are going to recommend the 5 best headphones for less than 50 euros to play on our PlayStation 4, all under the Amazon platform, where you already know that the variety and price are always the best as a rule.

The 5 best headphones for less than 50 euros for PS4

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Logitech G430

One of the star headphones within this tight price range. It’s not lacking in features: 40mm drivers, 20Hz to 20KHz frequency response, USB DAC, 32 ohm impedance, 90dB sensitivity, 7.1 Dolby/DTS surround sound and cardioid (unidirectional) microphone.

The 5 best headphones for less than 50 euros for PS4

In addition, it includes cloth ear cushions, adjustable headband with cushion, vertical and horizontal rotation of the earcups where the microphone is foldable.

Now we can get them at 39.99 euros thanks to a 63% discount.

The 5 best headphones for less than 50 euros for PS4

Corsair HS50 Carbon Stereo

One of Corsair’s most basic headphones now comes to us at a reduced price where it maintains all its virtues. It has memory foam pads, being fully adjustable. It includes neodymium transducers with a diameter of 50 mm to maximize the sound inside our ears, where its microphone will allow us a clear conversation thanks to being unidirectional, which can be disassembled.

Its response frequency is 20 Hz to 20 KHz, with a loudness of 111 dB and an impedance of 32 ohms.

We can find them now at 39.99 euros.

The 5 best headphones for less than 50 euros for PS4

Asus Cerberus V2 Blue

One of the most complete headphones in this article, since they use 53mm transducers signed by Asus itself, which has allowed the resonance chambers to be expanded to produce a cleaner and more natural sound. Its headband is made of stainless steel, increasing its resistance, improving comfort and reducing the total weight.

The pads of this V2 are 30% larger and insulate 50% more, which will help us not to have problems if our ears exceed a normal size. In addition, it integrates two microphones, the main one is detachable, while the in-line microphone integrated into the controller is perfect for receiving calls.

Its features are very similar to those of its competitors: 32 ohm impedance, 20 Hz to 20 KHz response, unidirectional and omnidirectional microphones and more…

The 5 best headphones for less than 50 euros for PS4

Its current price for the Blue version is 49.99 euros, where the versions of other colors are usually somewhat more expensive, since it really is a headset a little above this range.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

One of the most recommended headphones for its quality/price in all knowledgeable forums. We are not going to discover them now, we will only mention their characteristics: 90-degree swivel ear cushions, 50mm drivers, exclusive memory foam, adjustable steel slider, volume control on the headset itself, noise-cancelling microphone, adjustable headband and with pad, frequency response between 18 Hz and 23 KHz, impedance of 30 ohms, sensitivity of 102 dB and weight of 275 grams.

If we add to this that their price has dropped by 21% to find them now at 47.19 euros, we can only recommend these Cloud Stinger.

Razer Electra V2 7.1

It is another of the most recommended headphones, especially for its great comfort and its 7.1 virtual surround sound. Its structure is made of one-piece aluminum, where it is accompanied by a self-adjusting support band, which together will allow us a higher fit and comfort than in other models where this is not possible.

The 5 best headphones for less than 50 euros for PS4

Its microphone is adjustable and removable, which is an important point in its favor due to the comfort that this implies. Instead, its drivers are 40 mm, the smallest in this article, where it surprisingly achieves features similar to models with greater amplitude: response between 20 Hz and 20 KHz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity of 105 dB and weight of 278 grams.

They are other headphones that are part of a higher range, but that we can now find for 47.50 euros thanks to a 21% discount.