The 5 best Minecraft texture packs.

Minecraft’s low-res graphics are lovely, but predictably sooner or later they were going to come out. modders willing to turn everything upside down, creating texture packs.

Minecraft’s design is wonderful, it is adorable to see those giant colored pixels, but its simplicity can get tired of some, and even, like someone who gets tired of eating macaroni every day, there are players who want to try new things.

The 5 best Minecraft texture packs

That is why we present in this article a selection of what, for us, are the best Minecraft texture packs, in case you want to give your favorite game a new look and make it seem as if it were a different game.

Installing the Minecraft texture packs

Before starting, you must download the MCPatcher, which allows Minecraft to work with HD textures in the blocks, since some of the texture packs that we have selected use HD textures.

The 5 best Minecraft texture packs
  • Download the texture pack that you want to apply.
  • Open Minecraft. If you already had it open, make sure you have saved the game and exit the world.
  • Go to the main menu and click on the Texture Packs button. (If you don’t see it, go to options).
  • Click on the Open the texture pack folder button; This will open the folder where Minecraft normally opens the packs, if it does not contain anything you will have to find the folder manually, which is usually in these locations:
    • Windows XP / Vista / 7/8:% appdata% . Minecraft resourcepacks
    • GNU / Linux: ~ / .minecraft / resourcepacks
    • macOS: ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / resourcepacks
  • Even so, in case you have any doubts. We leave you this video in which they explain it clearly:

    Are you ready? Well get ready, because we are going to change the world, or your Minecraft world at least.

    The 5 best Minecraft texture packs

    Our selection of Minecraft texture packs


    Many of the texture packs have a specific theme that they try to imitate as closely as possible. But Joli’s is different, he has created a texture pack with his own fun take on Minecraft.

    Both the cursor and the interface are different, even the sun is more beautiful and bright. We assure you that you will not miss that old square and bright sun at all. Walking around Jolicraft is like being on a pleasant summer day, everything produces an extra good vibes.

    The 5 best Minecraft texture packs

    But the most impressive are the customization options offered by this pack. Being able to even shape the texture pack itself, choosing how the game represents everything, from the doors to the shadows, the waterfalls and the clouds.

    John smith

    This is one of the most popular texture packs, largely because it is highly customizable, but also because the blocks look fantastic.

    Compared to Jollicraft, it looks much gloomier. But it makes Minecraft look great by being darker.

    The 5 best Minecraft texture packs

    Glimmar’s Steampunk

    And speaking of shady thingsIf what you like is a darker theme, we recommend that you try this texture pack.

    Its muted walls, its bright starry sky and its beautiful moon will make you fall madly in love with this themed pack steampunk which also has great tools and skins.

    The 5 best Minecraft texture packs

    Cartoon Default

    This pack transforms Minecraft into something similar to Borderlands, drawing thick black lines around characters and objects.

    The good thing is that despite this transformation, the game maintains its aesthetic essence, being faithful to the original. The game wins in definition and that is something that many will appreciate and others will be horrified. But for tastes, the textures.

    Creative One’s Medieval Texture Pack

    The 5 best Minecraft texture packs

    Medieval Texture Pack is a HD pack that, with some intelligent and subtle touches, will leave you captivated, such as the shine of Ender’s chests or the interwoven texture of the wool blocks.

    The worn look it gives to the game overall fits like a glove to Minecraft and will delight many gamers.

    And this is all for the moment, we will be incorporating more Minecraft texture packs as we try others. But while, What is your favorite texture pack?

    The 5 best Minecraft texture packs