Update of June 4, 2020: It’s time to update our constantly updated list of the 50 best games for Nintendo Switch. Four newcomers have been added since the end of April, which of course means you need four, but they’re still great titles that are worth every penny you invest if you don’t already have them and those 50 games. just aren’t enough inspiration for them. you are ready. After a short stay in our leaderboard, we had to leave Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX, Moving Out, and Night in the Woods.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is also history, as it was inherited from the definitive release of the much stronger series debut. The new highest entry is an indie title, which is finally available on the Nintendo Hybrid Console. The look of the rest of the list from now on – until next month will be very different again – you can see on this page and the following pages. The rest of the year can go on like this – and of course, there’s always a real wave of Mario games ahead of us after the new Paper Mario releases in July, confirming rumors of all the plumbers remodeling for the 35th anniversary.

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Until then, have fun with our rundown of the absolute highlights on the Switch.

The 50 Best Switch Games – Table of Contents

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Top 50 Switch Games: 40th – 31st place

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Top 50 Switch Games: 10th – 1st place

50th Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is definitely a cool game. But it fades away so much against the first that its remaster, the so-called Definitive Edition, moves the second part of this list of the best switching games. Nothing comes close to the stunning expanses that have arisen on the battle-dead titans Mechonis and Bionis, and this is even truer on the Switch. A wonderful JRPG still up to date and well told ten years after its first appearance, which you cannot escape so quickly. On Switch with revised textures and characters, it looks more than decent today and therefore belongs in every collection – as long as you can do something with that genre. Shulk, Reyn and their friends will be dear to you!

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49. Streets of Rage 4

While the genre has yet to be declared dead, Streets of Rage 4 contains a series of more than worthy street brawlers. Strictly speaking, the series has never been as good as it is today: the combat system is more massive and deeper than ever. The developers of DotEmu attach great importance to the right rhythm and have taken the simple basic knitting process a step further, which means that this game, played together on the couch, can become a real hit. It’s basically retro in a good way: you think you’re back in the good old days, but you’re playing a more contemporary and captivating piece. Music and optics have also made a reasonable leap in modern times. What can I say: this type of game will no longer dominate the favorite lists of new fans today. But friends of this kind of street action have exactly the arcade flair they have so badly missed for over 20 years. So a dead genre? Perhaps! Probably even. I am always satisfied with such a confident and fun sign of life as this one.

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48. Dragon Quest Builders 2

The first Dragon Quest Builders was already an achievement in the sense that a developer of such an old-fashioned series of games like this rarely goes back 30 years or more to find the worst and therefore much less known by the end of the decade. first part, to base it to build an elaborate spin-off. But that’s exactly what the Builders did, the first – and it was an extremely cool mix of quest-based RPGs and dice-based Minecraft construction games. The second part still knows that was a good idea and now makes everything look better, bigger, more engaging – and kick off playable multiplayer in the pot. A eater of time before the Lord, but who never takes his appetite for a second.

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47. Monsterboy and the Cursed Kingdom

I really don’t know what we deserve, but after a few years some French people relaunched Wonderboy and the Dragon’s Trap effectively, other French people are now taking up the concept of a tribute and perfecting the side-scrolling Sega adventure for in a to some extent. Not only is this flashy, colorful, and bouncy adventure wonderfully alive – especially on a good OLED, the colors pop out of your eyes – it just glides through and requires skill and brains in all places. Wonderboy creator Ryuichi Nishizawa has supported the developers of Game Atelier as well as legends of composers like Yuzo Koshiro and Michiru Yamane. The result is a long-awaited successor to a series that didn’t deserve to be forgotten.

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46. ​​The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I don’t know what you want: it’s Skyrim. Never heard of it? So go ahead and check out this more than correct implementation of an aging but no less legendary RPG! Even though Skyrim hasn’t removed all RPG mechanics today, and more freedom of choice and a more original story would have been nice, it sells land and people under these virtual Northern Lights in a more compelling way. than some modern games. From icy peaks to dark plains – those who have never known this particularly gruff Stücko Cyrodiil must catch up.

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45. Huntdown

I’m not usually a fan of the deliberately laid-back ’80s homage. But when a developer packs them so skillfully and entertainingly into a beautiful 2D shooter, I usually can’t help myself. But what impresses the most about Huntdown is that the core process feels much more modern than a Contra, Turrican, or Gunstar Heroes. The pace is slower, you take cover and even hide in recesses in the background. With Invincibility Frames, you see dangers out of the way and slam your opponents against walls and into fire. It is a combat dynamic more oriented towards new shooting habits. Those who only acquired this kind of action title in the young 3D era. The rest is a great amount of shooting fun that has its difficulty level under control and is more than convincing in terms of looks and sound. What a great surprise the Swedes from Easy Trigger Games have given us here.

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44th Steamworld Quest

Steamworld is perhaps the most underrated gaming universe right now. Not only is each individual series entry unmistakable, the series regularly changes genre effortlessly, a platform suit is as steadfast as the tactical rules or the corset of a card-based role-playing game. However, the animated robots that warm the hearts that inhabit this world are still the focal point. Quest first appeared on Nintendo Switch and it may take some time before other platforms are served. So start here, as this kind of painterly role-playing game is best done in a portable hybrid format anyway.

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43. Axiom Verge

If Nintendo takes its time with a new Metroid, take refuge with Axiom Verge in a strange and futuristic world! The game, developed and designed by one man, is perhaps the best Metroidvania available today, if you take the term very precisely. Somewhere between 8 and 16 bits, Trace’s Seeker makes his way through a world he doesn’t understand and sometimes uses extremely interesting tools, like a weapon that destroys opponents’ program code, which is then only displayed. incorrectly in the game. The soundtrack is great, the world structure is well structured (and has some amazingly well hidden secret rooms). And in general, you still have the feeling that this universe prefers to keep its biggest secrets to itself. Surprisingly fascinating.

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42. Owlboy

Owlboy of D-Pad Studio Norwegians has been in the business for almost ten years. It didn’t hurt the game, on the contrary. You can tell how many great ideas and attention to detail are in each hand-pixelated screen. As the first Metroidvania with a character who effortlessly soars through the air and explores the world from height and depth, the Owl brought a lot of fresh breeze to the genre for the first time in 2016. There are some cool supporting characters as well. (and villains) and a shattered world of exciting design that you love to fight through. Another case of an independent match that could have entered the ring with the big guys of the SNES era.

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41. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

Who doesn’t know it yet: These two wonderful games re-release the 20-year-old original with a fresh take on and achieve a whole new catchy. At the same time, it retains the sparkle of magic from older games, even though critics find the overall process too shallow and movement control isn’t always convincing. Fans of the originals don’t care, however, as they experience these classics in a new splendor, which sheds a completely different light on familiar lands.

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