On Christmas Eve, we’ve already served you 50-41 of your top 50 games of the year. Today, the second day of Christmas, we continue with round 2. Without bad words here positions 40 to 31…

40th PSE 2011

(Konami ?? Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii, PSP, PS2) – Photos, videos, news and test of PES 2011

Martin: Does not have two button controls, so not my game.

MAXIMUM RAGE: Another whole new feeling, cool game mechanics and a passing system. Endless doors.

dix666: Much improved compared to the predecessor.

Ollee: Stand full, fries, coke and off to the herb war. No game is like the last, that’s what football is like.

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Benjamin: I’ve tried several times, but guess I’ll never warm up with PES. I have just grown up with the EA series since the first FIFA. It’s in my blood, so to speak, and somehow I never really get along with PES.

Alex: The fucking masters league online is crack on a stick ?? Players research, buy, sell, then play tournaments for even bigger sums of money: Fantastic. It’s just a shame that the network code is still not perfect and that online gamers often do stupid nonsense.

Already: PES is still good, even if it was bad. What this part is definitely not. Oh, before I write some more nonsense here, I’d rather wish Santa that Konami gets the Bundesliga license at some point because then FIFA can finally pack.

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elpacifiste: As always, a great implementation – even better than PES 2010…

ChaoZ: Not as realistic, but a lot of fun thanks to the new pass system.

schwachi: Back to the old force, will no longer cheat with FIFA.

39e Year 1404: Venise

(Ubisoft ?? PC) – Photos, video and news on Anno 1404: Venice

Brainybug: Multiplayer and Orient!

hanswurst84: Nice building strategy with great reach.

Haslang: Solid complement to Anno 1404 with beautiful innovations.


Martin: Notable. Even with just one multiplayer add-on, Anno makes the list. It’s a great series. Did you vote for the Venetian or secretly for Anno last year?

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rAHbbit: Strategy has never been so cool.

mauip: The series is always fun.

Pa7hF1nD3r: The add-on undoubtedly belongs to that top list, as the sequel to the best anno of all time was without doubt one more reason to sit in front of the PC for hours and build civilizations, to do business and just be captivated by the good atmosphere Allow.

Jyanon: Multiplayer, more ships, more traders, more orders… did I mention multiplayer?

Menschke: Finally a multiplayer for Anno 1404! More new challenges and a new island. Fantastically beautiful!

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