The 6 Best Electronic Discovery Software for Law Firms.

Are you a legal professional looking for eDiscovery software? Here are some options for you to explore.

Artificial intelligence has reached a new level in recent years. AI-powered legal software tools are growing rapidly with time, making it easy to meet any challenge.

The 6 Best Electronic Discovery Software for Law Firms

Especially in the midst of the pandemic, the development of legal technology has skyrocketed, spurring the growth of organizations and academic institutions. Why do you need discovery software?

Discovery helps find and exchange documents for other procedures. However, it can be a slow and expensive process. Therefore, it comes with eDiscovery which offers an unprecedented and rising technology.

The 6 Best Electronic Discovery Software for Law Firms

eDiscovery collects information digitally from website searches, metadata, emails, messages, and more. However, lawyers don’t have a lot of time to spend searching for, producing, or exchanging information, so it’s easy to become dependent on electronic discovery tools that are inexpensive alternatives.

Along with this, it is a practical requirement to collect data used in the rules of evidence and the rules of civil procedure. The goal is to expedite the process instantly using eDiscovery software.

The 6 Best Electronic Discovery Software for Law Firms

With that being said, here are the top eDiscovery software one can explore.


it can help save a lot of money on legal technology. It comes with drag and drop features that can select and classify data noise without the involvement of providers. One can upload the data in ten minutes with 97% average removal rate.

The 6 Best Electronic Discovery Software for Law Firms

If you are afraid of missing a deadline and reaching a dead end, Logikcull can help you a lot. Control the production and exchange of data without depending on technicians and suppliers. One can:

  • Apply bates numbers automatically
  • Share documents with any metadata and in any format
  • Secure and share the document with anyone

It’s easy to investigate any dispute using drag and drop features. Logikcull comes with tracking, autoship, release and reminder features instead of email and spreadsheets. It has eased the demands for answers and open records subpoenas.


can help solve the most important data challenges, allowing lawyers to deliver faster results. It is a comprehensive solution that maximizes the experience of law firms and offers security, innovation, performance and scalability unmatched by the leading solutions in the market.

The 6 Best Electronic Discovery Software for Law Firms

Relativity offers actionable AI that saves time and provides accurate information for a competitive advantage in the courtroom. Help grow revenue, invest in customers, recover costs, and work smart with intuitive and automated workflows. Offers:

  • It is ideal for litigation boutiques and large law firms to present the case and review the information.
  • Accessible to reproduce data using automated redactions, data visualization, connecting facts with evidence, and more
  • Streamline production and review of any complex project

Relativity’s eDiscovery solution comes with an easy deployment option and an intuitive interface. It includes pay-per-use pricing, flexible contract terms, and efficient management of the eDiscovery process.


eDiscovery software allows you to streamline and manage all activities in one place. It makes it easier to drill through the legal process with all the necessary and relevant information. The goal is to manage the preservation process through defensible and orchestrated workflows.

The 6 Best Electronic Discovery Software for Law Firms

Exterro offers an ESI-identified processing, harvesting, production and overhaul solution to save money and time. Purpose-built project management is easy to modify user-defined workflows. Along with it, one can easily coordinate relevant activities and tasks such as collection, production, preservation, review, and processing.

eDiscovery software is a cost-effective and comprehensive, integrated review platform combined with in-house vendor, contract and service reviewers. In-place preservation and smart ECA also help identify potential response data and investigate it instantly.

Exterro offers collection, ECA and processing, saving significant time and money identifying response data and collection in a single process. It enables customers to optimize, measure, and manage eDiscovery processes.


is easy to use and simplifies the complex legal work of federal, state, local government agencies, corporations, and law firms. Consider it advanced eDiscovery software that can help review, upload, and produce documents instantly. You can also collaborate with others to create a case outline, analyze transcripts, and co-edit and review documents on a secure cloud platform.

The 6 Best Electronic Discovery Software for Law Firms

Everlaw eDiscovery software increases efficiency with innovative technology and transparent pricing. It is also easy to transform the practice to develop investigations, litigation and compliance to gain a competitive advantage.


The eDiscovery solution can help you seamlessly collect, retain, and review data while taking control of legal matters. Reduce risk and create transparent ways to gain control over project collection, preservation, and review to minimize outside advice. The tool includes legal hold management, such as tracking custodian compliance, initiation of legal holds, and customizable reports.

Zapproved offers a ZDiscovery platform that can help automatically persist data in Google Vault, Microsoft 365, Slack, etc. Data can also be collected from multiple sources that are easy to review for faster insights and reduced legal expenses.

The 6 Best Electronic Discovery Software for Law Firms

It is a user friendly, clean and easy to use tool that allows reporting on various aspects and tracking data. Issues with legal hold standardization and automation can also be resolved while customizing data showing details such as issue date and custodians.


is an eDiscovery application for content, communication, and collaboration to optimize ECA, collections, research, and preservation. The cloud-based application helps simplify while creating dispersed information silos and increasing team productivity. Onna enables defensible collection, rapid identification, and curation of data in a centralized knowledge integration platform.

The popular cloud app can intelligently organize data and aggregate it using ML-based processing. Reduced data volume, broad application compatibility, instant case assessment, fast time-to-value, open API, and defensible collections to keep data and work smoothly on it.


Over the years, the technological trend has evolved to a new level making lawyers and law firms increase efficiency. Primarily, in the post-pandemic world, tools are used to overcome modern challenges and customer information security.

according to the report, more than 114,000 legal jobs will be automated in the coming years due to changes in the business model. The tools will help in important areas such as knowledge management, natural language processing, legal research, contract review data analysis, legal chatbots, legal practice management, and more.

Legal Tech Software can help general counsel and attorneys succeed by providing new ways to manage clients and store sensitive data while dealing with traditional legal matters.